Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Former Newsweek editor slams New York Times for creating its "own version of the scandal."

Kenneth Woodward, Newsweek's former religion editor, said that the New York Times has not been fair in its recent attempts to link the Pope with Church sex abuse cover up. See here. That's really putting it mildly. The New York Times is guilty of calumny. So too is Father James Scahill*. And it is time for Father Scahill to issue an apology to our Holy Father for this calumny and to the entire Church for his blasphemous assertion that the Catholic Church - the Mystical Body of Christ Jesus - is "insidiously evil."

Throughout all of this ugly hate campaign directed against Pope Benedict XVI, our Holy Father has been [ and this doesn't surprise me in the least] a shining example of humility and grace. It was the great Saint Francis de Sales who advised, "If you are falsely accused, excuse yourself meekly, denying your guilt, for so much you owe to truth and the edification of your neighbor. But if, after your true and honest excuse, your accusers persist, give yourself no further trouble, and do not persevere in your defense, for having paid tribute to truth, now pay tribute to humility."

* See here.

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John said...

All those who have slandered the Pope need to apologize for their hateful lies. If Catholic, they should make a sacramental confession as soon as possible.

In Fr. Scahill's case, the man has forfeited his reputation and credibility (whatever these may have been before his calumny). He is a poor example to our youth. Like those who have engaged in abuse or attempted to cover it up.

He's no better. He commits spiritual abuse. And he still hasn't provided us with a valid reason as to why he said nothing about Fr. Lavigne from the early 1990s.

John - Rosary Catholic from the Springfield Diocese.

ShrewsburyCatholic said...

What a shame that this cleric is too proud to admit when he's wrong. He lacks that humility and grace you correctly attribute to Pope Benedict XVI. Think of the poor example he sets for our young people. What a crying shame. Pray for his soul. And for those who have been led astray by this cleric.

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