Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A proper perspective on Pope Benedict XVI

Speaking at Boston College, liberal columnist John Allen told his audience that, "The truth is that since 2001 no senior official in the Vatican has done more to weed abuser priests out of ministry and acknowledge the suffering of victims than the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.." Which is what I've been saying all along.

Just a few days ago (see here), The Berkshire Eagle, a publication which is impervious to facts, published an editorial alleging that, "The pedophile scandal [actually it is more of a homosexual scandal] has ensnared Pope Benedict XVI, both as pope and as the influential Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger." The newspaper even praised heretic priest Father James Scahill, who believes the Mystical Body of Christ is "insidiously evil," for "calling out" an "arrogant and out of touch" hierarchy.

In reality, it is The Berkshire Eagle which is "out of touch" with reality. Yes, there have been some Bishops who covered up abuse. Yes, their actions were reprehensible. But the Vicar of Christ Pope Benedict XVI has served the Church nobly. Any attempt to suggest otherwise is inconsistent with the facts.

But don't expect the facts to produce the slightest crack in the wall of conviction of those who possess an animus against the Holy Father because he faithfully guards and proposes the perennial teaching of the Church of Jesus Christ while confirming the brethren (Luke 22:32). Anti-Catholicism is, after all, the anti-Semitism of the liberals.


Melissa said...

I actually live in Pittsfield. And I am Catholic. When I read the Eagle's editorial on Pope Benedict XVI I was incensed. After reading yur post, I am even more angry. And I will no longer read the Eagle.

Thank you for posting Mr. Allen's comments. Liberals cannot fault him, he is a liberal himself. But he is also known for his objectivity - something the Eagle is not known for - and for his excellent coverage of the Vatican.

Unlike the uninformed liberal hacks at the Eagle, Mr. Allen is in a unique position to know what's going on in Rome as far as the Catholic Church is concerned.

I urge anyone who reads this post and who subscribes to the Eagle or purchases it at a newsstand to boycott the paper. Buy the Springfield Gazette instead.

Jonathan said...

The Berkshire Eagle wants to show us where to "find Church" when it cannot even locate objective truth and basic facts. I don't need a liberal newspaper which is allergic to truth guiding me to its idea of "Church." I'll stick with the Bishop of Rome thank you.

Robert Loguen said...

I no longer read the Berkshire Eagle. Nor do I watch the major networks for my news. These are way too biased. Fox News does a better job. As for print media, I go online.

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