Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fitchburg is in need of deliverance prayer!

Several months ago I called upon local clergy to lead the lay faithful in deliverance prayer for Fitchburg, Massachusetts because Planned Parenthood wants to set up an office there. See here. Anyone still capable of seeing things through the eyes of faith will tell you that evil is descending upon this once-great city.

And now that evil has taken the form of a Satanic attack against a Fitchburg church. Fitchburg's Rollstone Congregational Church on Main Street was spray-painted in black with various anti-Christian symbols including the inverted cross, which represents a mockery and rejection of the cross of Christ, an emblem which is worn by many satanists; the number 666, which is, of course, the mark of the beast or the Antichrist (see Revelation 13); and the anarchy symbol, also known as the Circle-A. The letter A represents anarchy, the absence of all law and disobedience to any existing law. This symbol represents the one and only law in Satanism: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."
I'll say it again: our pastors need to lead the Christian faithful in deliverance prayer for the city of Fitchburg and for all of Massachusetts. We are involved in a spiritual war. And spiritual remedies are needed, most especially prayer and fasting.
What are we waiting for?


Cleghornboy said...

The words "My War" were also spray-painted on the Church. This could be a reference to a dark punk rock group's second album:

Cleghornboy said...

Hatred for the Holy Name of Jesus is intensifying:

Pro-LifeCatholic said...

Fitchburg is in a spiritual battle for its soul. With parishes closing and Planned Parenthood trying to force its way in, who could doubt this? But I haven't seen any Holy Hours of reparation or any prayers for deliverance like the Saint Michael prayer being prayed in our churches to implore God's assistance in this struggle. I guess we've given up.

Anonymous said...

My prayer group has been praying deliverance prayers for Fitchburg for a few years now. I dont think all the churches in the city realize that we are indeed in a spiritual battle for this city.
Isaiah 58:12 says that we can rebuild the ruins and raise up the old foudations and we shall be called Repairers of the Breach, Restorers of the streets. Please join with us in praying for our city.

Cleghornboy said...

God bless you anonymous. I too have been offering a Rosary every day for Fitchburg's deliverance from evil spirits. Just as there is a danger of seeing the Devil everywhere, so too there is danger from seeing him nowhere. We can't blame the Devil for every evil. But to suggest that the Devil and the other demons belong to the realm of superstition is far from Scriptural. I address this in my latest post.

Sacred and Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, deliver us from evil. Immaculate Heart of Mary, cover us with your mantle and send a multitude of Holy Angels, led by Saint Michael the Archangel to protect us from the evil spirits and every harm.

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