Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mr. Slater was not the victim but the victimizer

Remember Steven Slater, the homosexual flight attendant who had a psychological meltdown?  In a previous post, I referred to Mr. Slater as the face of American decline and noted that he is "hardly someone we should be holding up as a role model for our children."  This when he was being hailed as a "working-class hero" by many - especially those confused souls in the homosexual community.  I was immediately mocked by a homosexualist website.  And this comes as no surprise.  The homosexual community is always in pursuit of victim status to promote its agenda. 

Well, Mr. Slater has now accepted a plea bargain to stay out of jail.  He is required to enroll in both mental health and substance abuse counseling and to keep the court abreast of his progress.  Mr. Slater was not the victim here.  He was the victimizer.  He was the mean-spirited bully who threw a tantrum because he couldn't live up to the demands of his chosen profession.  His bizarre rant was the result of his psychological problems and not stress from dealing with unruly passengers.

Will the homosexual community now acknowledge this?  Don't hold your breath.


Michelle said...

And when they fail to achieve victim status, they often resort to violence as we witnessed in California. How many Christian churches and Mormon places of worship were attacked and vandalized? How many Christians brutally assaulted?

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Right Michelle. After devout Catholic Mary Stachowicz was brutally murdered by a homosexual man, his attorney blamed her for the attack saying that her death happened because her comments about his lifestyle constituted an assault on him.

Mrs. Stachowicz was stabbed repeatedly with a hunting knife (with such ferocity that the blade bent in her body), she was strangled, raped and beaten and then her body was stuffed in a crawl space under the floor of an apartment.

The liberal mainstream media continually invoke the murder of Matthew Shephard (another vile act) to advance the homosexual agenda and to paint homosexuals as victims. But the brutal murder of Mary Stachowicz is ignored because it doesn't fit in with the portrayal of homosexuals as "victims." Likewise, the attacks on Christians and Mormons is largely ignored for the same reason.

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