Monday, November 07, 2011

Some of Daniel Avila's critics promote doctrines of demons...

Marianne Duddy-Burke, Executive Director of the demonic organization "DignityUSA," and others associated with her dissent group, have issued a statement regarding Daniel Avila's opinion piece on same-sex attraction which was removed from The Pilot, Boston's Archdiocesan newspaper.  The statement says (in part):

"The comments made by Mr. Avila are outrageous, and have no place in any official Catholic communication vehicle. While we appreciate his apology, both he and officials from the Archdiocese of Boston have inflicted tremendous damage on the souls and psyches of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and our families. There are still many people, both Catholic and non-Catholic, who will find validation for misguided beliefs about gay people because this material was allowed to be published in the Boston Pilot."

This is the same Marianne Duddy-Burke who called upon the Catholic Church to abandon its teaching that homosexual acts are intrinsically evil acts and who said that,  "As long as the doctrine stands [Catholic doctrine which defines marriage as a heterosexual union and which says that homosexual acts are acts of grave depravity], it makes it really hard for the pastoral and the doctrinal aspects of our faith not to come into a clash...The people of the church are changing, and by and large very affirming of gay people, and the hierarchy and the doctrine are lagging behind."  See here.

Now as Michael Brown has reported, "Father Gabriele Amorth, the official exorcist in Rome, has warned that wanton consumerism, sexual promiscuity, the occult, abortion, and homosexuality have caused a tremendous outbreak of demonic activity at a time when the Church has stripped itself of weapons to fight it." And one might add: at a time when the homosexual movement is engulfing our society like a plague.  Father Jeffrey Steffon warns that, "Satan tries to deceive, entice, enslave, torment (bring into bondage), drive human beings away from God, or defile them even if they are baptized...A major tactic of Satan is to attack our minds and thoughts.  He wants to deceive us for '..there is no truth in him.  When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.' (John 8:44)...The followers of Jesus must always be alert because 'the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by giving heed to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons.' (1 Tm 4:1)." (Satanism: Is It Real, p. 38).

Deceitful spirits.  Recall Father John Unni and the "Rainbow Ministry" over at Saint Cecilia's Parish in Boston.  One blogger who challenges the Church's teaching has written that, "For those who are dealing with the Catholic church specifically, it is also useful to recognise that for all its apparently homophobic teaching, in its internal culture it is in fact a Homoerotic Catholic Church. It could also be helpful to know that for all the negative material that has come from the modern Vatican, there have in fact been several popes who have either enjoyed their own sexual relationships with men, or who have protected relatives who have done so, or who have lavished generous papal commissions on notable gay artists to produce frankly homoerotic art. Read about some of these in Gay Popes, Papal Sodomites...It is important though to understand the more serious side of Catholic theology, and how it is changing." (See here).

Because we live in an overly-secularized culture, we tend to intellectualize everything while ignoring the supernatural dimension.  We are living in a time of diabolical disorientation.  It is important that we do not forget this and that we have recourse to daily prayer (especially the Holy Rosary) as well as living a sacramental life.  We must arm ourselves with deliverance prayers, sacramentals such as Holy Water and Blessed Salt.  We fight an enemy many choose to believe - at their own peril - does not exist.


Ted Loiseau said...

I'd like to see Cardinal O'Malley excommunicate members of DignityUSA who refuse to leave the dissenting organization. His Eminence should do as Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz did with dissenting organizations in his Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska and give such people a period of time (such as 90 days) to leave DignityUSA. If they refuse, they are thereby excommunicated latae sententiae.

This would make it THEIR choice whether or not they desire to remain in communion with the Church.

ShrewsburyCatholic said...

More evidence of that disorientation here:

ShrewsburyCatholic said...

The link doesn't work. Here is the Reuters article:

(Reuters) - Dissident Austrian Catholics announced lay people will start celebrating Mass when a priest is unavailable, a clear call to disobedience just as the country's bishops hold their autumn conference.

A manifesto adopted by dozens of activists at the weekend said lay people will preach, consecrate and distribute communion in priestless parishes, said Hans Peter Hurka, head of the group We Are Church.

"Church law bans this. The question is, can Church law overrule the Bible? We are of the opinion, based on findings from the Second Vatican Council, that this (ban) is not possible," he said Monday.

The Catholic Church only allows ordained priests to preside at Mass.

Hurka said dissidents had long planned the meeting but were happy it came just before a regular four-day session of the Catholic bishops' conference starting Monday.

He said he wanted bishops, led by Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, to respond to the paper, the latest in a series of challenges by grass-roots Catholic reformers in Austria.

"We basically expect this because the demands for reform are not especially new," he said. The bishops received a copy of the manifesto Saturday, he added.

Bishops planned to discuss proposed initiatives and reforms that have been put forward, according to their website, although the main topic of the session was preparing for parish council elections due in March.

Schoenborn, a former student and close associate of Pope Benedict, has ruled out sweeping changes demanded by dissident priests led by his former deputy, Rev. Helmut Schueller.

Tipped as a possible future pope, the cardinal has said he would not lead his diocese into breaking away from the Vatican by letting clergy flout Church rules after a group of priests issued a "Call to Disobedience" to try to press reform.

The group, which claims to represent about 10 percent of the Austrian clergy, has challenged Church teaching on taboo topics such as priestly celibacy and women's ordination.

The dissident priests, who have broad public backing in opinion polls, also say they will break Church rules by giving communion to Protestants and remarried divorced Catholics.

Reformist Austrian Catholics have for decades challenged the conservative policies of Benedict and his predecessor John Paul, creating protest movements and advocating changes the Vatican refuses to make.

Catholic reform groups in Germany, Ireland and the United States have made similar demands.

A record 87,000 Austrians left the Church in 2010, many in reaction to sexual abuse scandals.

jac said...

Shrewsbury Catholic,
These purported "masses" celebrated by laypeople have less value than those celebrated by my kids when they were "playing the mass".
My children once wanted to imitate the priest, the altarboys, the attendants, after we came back from a sunday mass. I explained them, and they well understood, that they couldn't consecrate the bread and the wine since only the priest is given the power to do so.
The way these poor austrian catholics are behaving look more like childish games than serious matter

ShrewsburyCatholic said...

I know that Jac. But it shows nevertheless how confused and disobedient so many Catholics are today. Tragic isn't it?

SisterTemptation said...

LOL...You people are fighting a losing battle. This is a New Age. A Queer Age.

You are losing. Join our side. You know you want to.


jac said...

All that stuff partakes in the diabolical disorientation which Sr Lucia spoke of.
The times being catholics are crass ignorants about their Faith. When an apostate priest says that women or even laypeople have the power to consecrate the bread and the wine, they trust him. And the hierarchy won't discipline the priest under the false pretense of "charity". I don't remember the cardinal who said "since VatII the Church no longer excommunicates anybody" (except the trad catholics of course). Now Luther (not speaking of Muhammad)looks a better catholic than Archbp Lefebvre whose only error deals with obedience, not with faith or morals.
Isn't that apalling?
I recall the La Salette's prophecy: "Rome will lose the Faith".
Isn't this that we, horrified, are watching while it is slowly happening?

Stewart said...

The Church is being attacked from so many different corners now, all across the globe. Humanists are working with Satanists, homosexuals and lesbians, New Age devotees and others to bring the Church down and to install a New Order.

This is indeed a prophecy being fulfilled.

LoveWillConquer said...

Watch and learn. The world has changed. Love like this will conquer your ideology. You belong to the past.


LoveWillConquer said...

These Catholic schoolgirls have it right.

This is the beginning of the end for you.

Wendy said...

Paul, I'm beginning to think you may have to return to comment moderation. How sad. More disturbing is how many have succumbed to the "gay" agenda.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

I'm inclined to agree with you Wendy. Most of those who advance the radical homosexual agenda want to impose their beliefs on the rest of us. As I've said many times before, the Church proposes, the world imposes.

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