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The Diocese of Worcester must clean house

Years ago, Father Robert E. Kelley of the Worcester Diocese admitted in a sworn deposition that he sexually molested "50 to 100" young girls while he was an associate pastor at St. Cecilia's parish in Leominster from 1976 to 1983.  Some believe he may have abused up to 200 minors.  And yet, this serial abuser is well provided for by the Diocese.  See here: http://lasalettejourney.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-diocese-of-worcesters-partners-in.html

Meanwhile, the same Diocese which has rallied to the support of a monster (twice convicted and sent to prison) has shown nothing but hostility toward Magisterial teaching while shunning those who are orthodox and committed toward the truth.  Readers of this Blog know full well that Robert Spencer's invitation to speak at the "Men's Conference" was rescinded (see here: http://lasalettejourney.blogspot.com/2013/02/what-is-real-reason-for-bishop-robert.html ) and that I have been ostracized because of my promotion and defense of the Church's authentic teaching, especially in the area of sexual morality.

While orthodox Christians are routinely ignored and relegated to the margins of this troubled diocese, numerous priests came to the defense of Fr. Kelley after he was sentenced.  In a letter which appeared in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, a large number of Worcester priests said:

"We the undersigned Priest wish to express our objection to the front page picture of Father Robert Kelley in the Saturday issue of March 31, 1990. For the priest who pleaded guilt and for all who were involved, this curt procedure and sentence were tragic enough. The use of such a picture was sensational and in poor taste. It added to the heavy pain already felt by the entire Catholic Community and its priests."

It was signed by the following:

John Francis Burke OLO Good Counsel Wor
GabrielGibbs, O.S.B St Benedict, Harvard
Paul W. Lemire St Bonficice, Lunenburg
Terrence T. Kilconye St Vs Hosp Wor
Timothy M. Brewer OLO Good Counsel Wor
Edward M. Ryan St Bernards, Fitchburg
Thomas V. Walsh St John, Clinton
John F. Madden Ascension, Wor
W.J. OHalloran, S.J. Holy Cross, Wor
Rocco Piccolomini Holy Angela, Upton
Thriburse F. Millett St Peters Wor
J. Brendan Nally OLO Rosary, Clinton
James A. Huston OLO the Angela Wor
George Mahoney OLO the Angela Wor
Edmund G. Heddad Vianney House Wor
John W. Reilly St Josephs Auburn
John F. Gee St Michaels, Mendon
Richard F. Harrington St Bernards, Fitchburg
Thomas J. Markey St Bridgid, Millbury
George Holland OLO the Angels, Wor
Edward Sheenan Vianney House Wor
Gerald C. Dion St Roach, Oxford
Leo ONeil St Leo, Leominster
Stephen Johnson Retired, Mancheoug
Henery A. Doneghue Sac. Hrt, W. Boylston
Author A. Oullette St Marys Southbridge
William McGovern 222 June St Wor
Bernard R. Reilly Sac. Hrt, Hopedale
Paul OConnell Christ the King, Wor
Joseph Jurgelonis St Francis, Athol
Joseph G. Loiselle Holy Name, Wor
Edward Ryan Worcester
Peter R. Connelly St Benediticts Harvard
Brian P. OToole Notre Dame, Southbridge
John Dyer St Joseph, Leicester
John F. Cahill St Josephs, Auburn
Michael Broderick St Luke, Westboro
Leo J. Battista St Annas, Leominster
Edward D. Niccolls Holy Family, Leominster
Raymond J. Page Retired, Brookfield
George J. Ridick St Catherine, Wor
Thomas M. Barry St Annas, Barre
Thomas J. Needham Imm Con, Leominster
John J. Foley Good Shepard, Linwood
Charles F. Munroe St Leo, Leominster
James F. Carmody St Patricks, Whitinsville
William g. OBrien Imm Con, Wor
James B. OShea OLO Lourdes, Wor
Leo F. Barlett Sacred Heart, Wor
John Joeph McKenna Holy Angela, Upton
Eusiquio Munex St Marys, Milford
Eugene F. Berthisume St Peters Northbridge
Michael DiGeronimo St Annas Leominster
Thomas Mahoney St Andrews, Wor
Peter P. Hamernik St. Stanislous, W. Warren
James F. Hoey OLO Lake, Whalom
Chester J. Misiewicz St Aleyius, Gilbertville
J. Raymond Bedard St Rose of Lima. Northbro
Ronald Lajoie St Anthony, Dudley
Charles Dumphy Blss Sacrament, Wor
Thaddeus X. Stachura St Joseph, Webster
Leo J. ONeil Cht Chp.H C. W. Boylston
John J. Bagley OLO Angela, Wor
Maurice L.Gilbert St Joseph, Wor
John J. Foley Retired, Holyoke
Edmond J. Tinsley 15 Ripley St, Wor
Richard T. Carney St Joe, N. Brimfield
John J. OBrien Retired, Holyoke
Raymond M. Goodwin OLO Fatima,Wor
Joseph J.LaBran S.J Holy Cross, Wor
Robert Grattareti St Joseph, Charlton
Paul J. Tougas St Marys of Hills, Boylston.
James J. Aquino OLO Loertta, Wor *
James G. Champion St Marys Shrewsbury
William McGovern 222 June St Wor
Ronald Provost St Joseph, Barre
Andre M. Remillard St Richards, Sterling
Thomas G. Landry St Marys Jeffery
Marcus Murlough Retired, Barre
Peter Joyce Retired, Holyoke
Cryil LaBeau Sacred Heart, Wor
Bernard E. Gilgun St Annas Shrewsbury
Richard McGrail St Joseph, Leister
Joseph Mahoney St Pauls Wor
John E. Horgan St Marks Hudson
John J. Keliher OLO Rosary, Wor
James a. Mongelluzzo St Pauls Wor
John F. Connell Holy Cross E Templeton
Cornelius F. OLeary St Marian, Otter River
Charles E. Lenk St John, E Brookfield
Joseph F. Szwach OLO Jena Gara, Clinton
Thomas F. OBrien St Anna, North Oxford
Wayne F. Benton OLO Lourdes, Wor
John J, Moriety Soc of St James, Boston
Ronald G. Herbert Retired, Oakham
Earnest Allega St Rose, of Lima, Wor
George L. OBrien Holy Cross Colg, Wor
James J. Lynes St Marys Southbridge
Michael Rey St Marys Milford
Charles J. Dumphy Holy Cross Colg. Wor

The photo of Father Robert Kelley crying was "in poor taste" for these clerics.  But nothing was said about the rape of innocent children.  Was that considered by these priests to be "in poor taste"? Where was their outrage over Fr. Kelley's evil treatment of these innocents?

Years ago a friend of mine (whose husband was a Deacon in the Worcester Diocese) was told by a priest of the diocese that there were many devils in ministry.  At the time she didn't know what he meant.  Now, she says, she does.  If we are to have an authentic reform within the Worcester Diocese, the Bishop is going to have to clean house.  Priests who engage in (or tolerate) dissent, homosexual behavior, sexual abuse of minors, liturgical abuses, and so on, must be sent packing.  There will have to be a house cleaning.  And that will require the Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude.

Let us pray!

*  See here:  http://lasalettejourney.blogspot.com/2005/10/still-more-on-fr-aquino-courtesy-of.html

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Jonathan said...

Portrait of a diocese in spiritual crisis! Tragic!

Anonymous said...

The sad part is he is still a priest and collecting a pension.

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