Saturday, July 30, 2016

Did Hillary Clinton have another seizure or is something else going on? Is she devil possessed?

World Net Daily reports: "Hillary Clinton, who’s been plagued by health issues in recent months, apparently has another to deal with now.

A July 21 video posted on YouTube shows Clinton’s head suddenly turning and shaking vigorously for several seconds.

Blogger Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit headline it: 'Wow! Did Hillary Clinton Just Suffer a Seizure on Camera?'

'The poor woman is in worse shape than we thought,' he wrote.

In the video, Clinton’s eyes close then open and stare, but she never loses her huge smile.

She says, 'You guys have got to try this cold [drink].'

It’s not the first time health issues have arisen."

But can we be sure that Hillary Clinton is merely suffering from "health issues"?  It is my firm belief that Hillary Clinton is either demon infested or possessed by devils and that her angry speeches (screaming into a microphone as Hitler did in his speeches), her persistent cough, and her seizure-like activity, is evidence of demonic activity. See here.

Hillary Clinton has been living apart from God for her entire adult life.  Her support for abortion and sodomy, Same-Sex "Marriage," and contraception and her personal lifestyle have opened her up to demonic activity. And we are witnessing physical manifestations of this evil.


Unknown said...

well I'm a 100% sure she sold her soul to the devil, it speaks for itself in everything she says and does.

Unknown said...


Jesus the world’s only true Light
is almost completely rejected
they keep Him out of sight
instead of Him satan is erected

what is this world becoming
we’re really in apocalyptic times
the Bible is read thumbing
skyrocketing are the crimes

locked is every room in the inn
for the Savior of man
no need for remission of sin
to that we all say “AMEN”

Jesus is betrayed
even by His own disciples
they say “enough” they prayed
only, to their own idols

they see themselves so illuminated
while the True Light is extinguished
the whole world they contaminated
and the Truth they relinquished

They reject the Christ in Christmas
worshipping a lighted tree instead
even the real Saint Nicholas
has been left behind for dead

We call on You, O Lord and Master
help us to stop this abomination
to reinstall You as our Pastor
and as King of Your Creation

May the time be coming soon
that You will reign over a New World
announce it with a Heavenly tune
when all devils are safely furled.

Emmanuel, God with us, who then can be against us
Let Your Light shine upon us, especially this Christmas
We love You Jesus
Rita Biesemans, Christmas 2014

Unknown said...


Not a single day passes without killings
done in the most cold and horrific ways
each country has its dangerous villains
driven to perform their latest craze

Satan is a murderer and a thief
he is spitting God in His Face
he’s the devils commander in chief
in the war against the human race

The world drenched in total insanity
is guided by leaders in moral decay
causing the demise of us, humanity
bringing us closer to Judgment Day

O Lord, our Creator and Savior
how long will You let this go on
block this disgusting behavior
of our new luciferian Babylon

The world is a dangerous place
morals are under satan’s antenna
loving God is seen as a disgrace
they choose to live in a Gehenna

Satan knows his empire will end
thus works like crazy to collect
plenty of souls out of God’s Hand
but soon his plans will be wrecked.

Patiently,-not always- waiting for
Jesus’ return.
Rita Biesemans, July 30 2016

Cyn M said...

She serves Moloch, either way.... makes my skin crawl! Lord,gather your faithful remnant...

Anonymous said...

Possesed or not, anyone who supports and permits that which is forbidden by GOD is already a puppet for demons.

Meredith said...

True, but it does matter if she's possessed. She's the one who questions whether or not Trump should have the nuclear codes. If Hillary is devil possessed and or mentally ill, should she have the codes?

Dear God.

Unknown said...

Well Trump says : Hillary is the devil : thus as of now we can call her HELLARY o:)

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