Saturday, July 23, 2016

Is Francis able to denounce Kaine and his equally non-Christiano running mate?

LifeSite News reports:

"In the days leading up to the Democratic national convention next week, Hillary Clinton’s choice for a running mate will be a major topic of conversation and one of the leading candidates considers himself a strong Roman Catholic while supporting abortion.

Sen. Tim Kaine, D-VA, has emphasized in recent interviews that he has a 'pro-choice' voting record on Capitol Hill and endorses Roe v. Wade. At the same time, he professes to hold political views dichotomous to the teachings of his 'traditional' Catholic faith that abortion is morally wrong in all cases."

Not long ago, Francis asserted that Donald Trump "is not Christian" (non-Christiano) if he calls for the deportation of undocumented (illegal) immigrants and pledges to build a wall between the United States and Mexico.

Will Francis now denounce Hillary Clinton and her VP pick as non-Christiano for their support of the Culture of Death?

At the 46th World Day of Peace, Pope Benedict XVI stressed that, “Anyone who loves peace cannot tolerate attacks and crimes against life.” In this message, he spoke out against “the liberalization of abortion” and “the clever use of ambiguous expressions aimed at promoting a supposed right to abortion and euthanasia.”

“Peacemakers," said Benedict,  "are those who love, defend and promote life in its fullness....the path to the attainment of the common good and to peace is above all that of respect for human life in all its many aspects, beginning with its conception, through its development and up to its natural end. Life in its fullness is the height of peace. Anyone who loves peace cannot tolerate attacks and crimes against life.”

Anyone.  When then can we expect Francis to interject himself into American politics again, as he did when he was critical of Donald Trump?

Is Francis really interested in the Gospel of Life or is he merely a liberal partisan looking to prop up a political party which has become a tool of the Devil?

 As Dr. David Carlin has said, "..when clerical leadership is weak or foolish, we can't be surprised when the quality of lay Catholicism sinks." (Can a Catholic Be a Democrat? How the Party I Loved Became the Enemy of My Religion," p. 106).

How does one reconcile one's Roman Catholic faith with membership in [or identification with] the Democratic Party? Again, Dr. Carlin explains, "Another method Catholics use to validate their membership in the Democratic Party, despite the party's anti-Christian moral agenda, goes like this: they concede that abortion, for example, is morally wrong and that it's tragically wrong for the Democratic Party to support it; but then they talk about the need for 'balance' and the importance of not taking a single-issue approach to politics. 'The Democrats,' they say, 'might be wrong on a few issues, such as abortion and same-sex marriage - but they're right about so many other important issues: race, poverty, peace, education, health care, the environment, and so on. In politics we have to weigh in the balance the evil and the good...This superficially persuasive line of reasoning could have been used to support the Nazis in the 1930s. A pro-Nazi Catholic could say, 'Oh yes, it's too bad - this policy of the Fuehrer toward the Jews. We deplore the firing of Jewish professors, we deplore the Nuremberg laws, we deplore Kristellnacht. But anti-Semitism, while a great evil, isn't the only evil. Far from it. We have to balance the evil done by the National Socialists against the good they've accomplished. Hitler has revived the economy, has restored law and order, has built autobahns and Volkswagens, has won the respect and salutary fear of the international community, has once again made it possible for Germans, who had been so humiliated for so long a time, to lift up their heads and be proud of their nation. Hitler isn't perfect - no politician ever will be. The question is, 'Are the Nazis on the whole producing more good than evil? Are they better than the available alternatives - namely, socialists and communists? The answer to this question is, without doubt, yes.'

Somebody might object that my analogy exaggerates the evil of abortion, which surely isn't comparable to anti-Semitism even in its pre-genocidal stage. Yes 'somebody' might say this, but Catholics who understand the moral teaching of their own religion can't very well say it. To them, the forty million and more abortion-homicides that have taken place in the United States since the 1973 Roe decision are clearly a greater moral evil than Hitler's pre-genocide anti-Semitism of the 1930s and even, it can be argued, no less evil than the six million homicides that made up the Holocaust. Some people will scoff at this comparison, but that's simply an indication that they reject the Catholic teaching that abortion is homicide.." (Can a Catholic Be a Democrat?, pp. 119, 123-124).

Pray for our Church, so crippled by a lack of leadership and authentic pastoral concern.


Unknown said...



God Himself came into this world
to share the life of us, His creatures
the scroll of the Lord got unfurled
He showed us His heavenly features

But we treated Him so hateful
so arrogant and so defiant
with a behavior so ungrateful
refusing to be anything but compliant

Although he came to save us
from the gates and fires of Hell
we scourged Him calling Him a cuss
we crucified Him and said “farewell”

Though we don’t deserve Your compassion
Your Love and Mercy overcomes it all
You keep acting in a persevering fashion
to have us perform well over the long haul.

Thank You Jesus for saving us and setting us free from the bondage of satan and the fires of Hell.
I realize all too well that it’s up to us to accept or reject this freedom by accepting or rejecting You.
I love You Jesus, don’t let me ever go astray.

Rita Biesemans, Good Friday April 18 2014

Anne said...

Athol/Orange Catholic said...

Kaine is a maniac. A radical with anti-American connections:

So we can expect Francis to applaud him.

Cyn M said...

I'm beginning to wonder if Francis is even Catholic....

Ryan T. said...

The answer to that question may be seen in his words and actions: non-Christiano!

Rita Jeannine Melanson said...

TLM said...

Kaine was educated by.....................JESUITS....end of story.

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