Saturday, August 12, 2017

What can be said of a Papacy which allows financial contributions to an illegitimate political party which advances the Culture of Death?

 A report that the Vatican, under Francis, contributed financially to the Hillary Clinton campaign is sure to send shockwaves throughout the Church.

Far too many corners of the Catholic Church have become chummy with the Democratic Party which advances the Culture of Death and a sodomite agenda.  See here for example.

Judie Brown has said it well:

"..let us be clear about one basic fact: without the right to life, there is no other right that can ever be exercised. The victim of abortion dies; he or she can never make the kinds of decisions that you have made. So, fundamentally, if a political party favors the execution of the innocent before birth, nothing that party does can be valid. By abdicating the basic fact that every person's right to life must be protected, the party has said and acted in a way that exposes its commitment to murder. Abortion is murder - the Church defines it as such.

What then can be said of a Papacy which allows financial contributions to Hillary Clinton and her illegitimate political party?  Is such a Papacy legitimate?


TLM said...

Indeed it looks like this is what transpired. According to the article at 1P5, someone supposedly reliable reported that one million was taken out of 'Peter's Pence' and given to the Clinton campaign. That said, this is not (from what I'm getting) a completely solid fact, however, this isn't the 1st time this has been 'rumored' in the Vatican. The way I see it is 'where there's smoke there's fire'. I do know that the Francis Papacy is tied at the hip with George Soros and boys, that is pretty well documented, and Soros is tied at the hip with Hillary Clinton, also a known fact. They are all on the same OWO team, which is as plain as the nose on your face, but the hows and whys of it all are still a little obscure. Someone correct me if I'm wrong about all this, but this is how I understand the situation to be. And.... if indeed a million dollars was taken from 'Peter's Pence' in order to prop up team Hillary I would think that would constitute 'embezzlement'? Could you say this in all legality? I have never heard of the Vatican giving money to a 'Presidential Campaign', especially in another country, but ??? Thank the Lord I have not given to Peter's Pence in several years now, but I'm wondering what the faithful would think if they thought their money has gone toward complete moral depravity? Just when you think this Papacy couldn't possibly sink any lower into the diabolical cesspool.........IT DOES!!! I've always said that if we knew EVERYTHING that went on behind the scenes in Rome it would curl our toenails. If some of this news is becoming public knowledge, is it just the 'tip of the iceberg'? Is Our Precious Lord just being merciful to us by keeping some of it hidden?

Cyn M said...

Hard to add anything to what TLM commented above. That pretty much covers it. The Immaculata is our only refuge now. Stay prayed up, remnant.

TLM said...

Keep praying your Rosaries............EVERY DAY!!

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