Saturday, August 26, 2017

Not all are welcome at Saint Mary's Church in Orange...

From the USCCB:

"The Church continues to affirm the dignity of every human being, and to grow in knowledge and understanding of the gifts and needs of her members who live with disabilities. Likewise, the Church recognizes that every parish community includes members with disabilities, and earnestly desires their active participation. All members of the Body of Christ are uniquely called by God by virtue of their Baptism. In light of this call, the Church seeks to support all in their growth in holiness, and to encourage all in their vocations. Participating in, and being nourished by, the grace of the sacraments is essential to this growth in holiness. Catholic adults and children with disabilities, and their families, earnestly desire full and meaningful participation in the sacramental life of the Church.

In this regard, as it issues a revised and expanded Guidelines for the Celebration of the Sacraments with Persons with Disabilities, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops wishes to reiterate what was said in previous pastoral statements on this issue:

 It is essential that all forms of the liturgy be completely accessible to persons with disabilities, since these forms are the essence of the spiritual tie that binds the Christian community together. To exclude members of the parish from these celebrations of the life of the Church, even by passive omission, is to deny the reality of that community. Accessibility involves far more than physical alterations to parish buildings. Realistic provision must be made for Catholics with disabilities to participate fully in the Eucharist and other liturgical celebrations.."

Because I took exception to a homily given last weekend by Father Piotr Pawlus denigrating Our Lord by asserting that He has "warts," Fr. Pawlus responded this weekend .with hatred and a passive aggressive attitude, passing over my mother at Communion time.

Although my mother is 86 and recovering from back surgery, Father Pawlus refused to give her Holy Communion at the first pew where she was sitting and forced her to stand up and get in line to receive the Eucharist.

This is realistic provision for a Catholic with a disability?  What is this but an act of violence?  What is this but weaponizing the Eucharist and denying the reality of community?

And so we see once again that what passes for Catholicism at Saint Mary's Church in Orange is a counterfeit. Only those who march in lockstep with the modernists at Saint Mary's Church are welcome.  Others will be discriminated against, hated and excluded.


OrangeCatholic said...

Disgusting and vile behavior! I saw your mother struggle to get to the Communion line. This represents, like you so aptly reported, an act of violence against a person with a disability.

A man is made a priest to offer the sacraments. If Pawlus is unwilling to offer Eucharist to a faithful Catholic with a disability, he should be stripped of his priestly faculties.

Anonymous said...

That effort your mother had to make to receive her Lord will not go unrewarded .Christ Himself was treated viley by the priests of the Temple,and those He loves he allows to share in his ill treatment. If a man has no respect for God ,he will certainly have none for a sick elderly woman.

D.F. said...

I couldn't agree more Anonymous. And clearly Fr. Pawlus doesn't really respect or fear God. In fact, He neglected to apologize for insulting and blaspheming against Jesus!

Withhold your tithes and send them to a more orthodox Church or entity.

Anonymous said...

The priest is a thug/fascist Bergoglian.

Barbara said...

Can. 213 "The Christian faithful have the right to receive assistance from the sacred pastors out of the spiritual goods of the Church, especially the word of God and the sacraments."

This priest is violating Canon Law.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Every now and again an anonymous individual will leave a comment which I refuse to publish because it is either hateful or inconsistent with the facts.

Such is the case with an anonymous commenter from Saint Mary's Church attempting to defend the hateful actions of Piotr Pawlus.

The anonymous writer (why the need for anonymity?) asserted that Piotr's having denied my mother Holy Communion was merely, "an oversight and not intentional."

But such is a lie. It is common knowledge that my mother recently had back surgery. And she sits in the first pew, every week. I sit next to her and it is often necessary for me to assist her in standing as well as walking.

While parishioners with disabilities on the other side of the Church WERE given Holy Communion, my mother was simply ignored by Pawlus. That such an action was retaliatory in nature is rather obvious, coming right on the heels of my post exposing Pawlus' blasphemous homily directed at Our Lord.

The anonymous writer concluded his or her commentary with the false accusation that "opposing comments never seem to be added."

But again, comments which are hateful or inconsistent with the facts are not published here. That a member of Saint Mary's Church would make such an accusation is most ironic since I have been blocked from participating at the Church's Facebook Page as well as from any ministry at the Church.

If my participation is unwelcome at Saint Mary's, if my opinion on matters of faith and morals is unwelcome at the Church, why then should I welcome comments from the same people who routinely exclude me?

Hypocrisy in action!

TLM said...

I'm tempted to say that you need to go to the Bishop, but the 'good Father' would most likely say that it was a 'accident'. I'd like to rip the collars off of these fraudulent clergy, they are VILE HEATHENS that have no reverence for the Lord God, being no more worthy to wear that collar than an avowed PAGAN is. These people are FRAUDS.

Samantha said...

Of course TLM. You're absolutely right. Notice how the anonymous commenter makes NO MENTION WHATSOEVER of Father Piotr's blasphemy?

Dishonest. So too the fallacious argument that his denial of Eucharist was "unintentional."

Faithful Catholics have been treated in such a shabby and hate-filled manner for a long time now in parishes such as this one which have succumbed to modernist ideology.

Jesus has warts? No Father. You have warts.

Orange Catholic said...

The parish has funded groups which promote abortion, homosexuality, contraception and same-sex "marriage."

Paul opposed these evils and stands with Catholic moral teaching. So does Mrs. Melanson. Small wonder he and his mother are so hated at Saint Mary's.

Orange Catholic said...

A succession of bad priests combined with radical feminists controlling the Church have ruined what used to be a decent parish.

Anonymous said...

Thant's not a priest , he sure 's got the 666 mark in the back of his head , how come he did that to your mother !

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