Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Are Saint Benedict Center cultists really turning to Saint Joseph?

Italian Father Tarcisio Stramare, speaking of Saint Joseph, says that he is a model of faith "because he accepted and did the will of God. He lived what is called a pilgrimage of faith, a journey that in the measure that one knows what God wants, it is done. It’s not only believing in truth, but complying with it through faith."

Louis Villarubia, leader of the Saint Benedict Center cult in Richmond, New Hampshire, is telling his following:

"Regarding the matter of the undated canonical precept recently issued by an official of the Diocese of Manchester, we are taking the wise counsel of Saint Teresa of Avila and turning to the glorious Saint Joseph. We invite friends and benefactors to join us in praying to the Head of the Holy Family. Besides being Patron and Protector of the Universal Church, that “just man” (Matt. 1:19) is also the Patron of the Diocese of Manchester (see his lily in the Coat of Arms), and titular of our Cathedral."

Apparently for Mr. Villarubia and his devotees, "turning to the glorious Saint Joseph" does not mean following his example.  For though the Church has spoken clearly regarding the correct understanding of Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus, SBC members continue to reject this understanding.

I received a comment from one SBC cultist * who asserted that, "It becomes very apparent that those who accuse us of hate, are the ones who actually hate! I think one of the reasons for that is when we show true ecumenism, and the wish for all to come into the Church, that tweaks the conscience of folks such as you...a real phony."

Is this how SBC cultists see Bishop Peter Libasci and diocesan officials?  As phony people who are guilty of hate and of fostering a false ecumenism?

Words have meaning.

*  His Blog here.


Stewart said...

Gene DeLalla, the angry follower of "Brother" Andre Marie, writes, "That fickle pendulum is now beginning to swing BACK in the direction of true charity for souls; true evangelization; true ecumenism -- to bring the Truth to all outside the loving boundaries of the Church, outside of which, there is NO SALVATION FOR ANY HUMAN BEING: NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Regardless of the watering-down of the perennial doctrine of Christ Himself!

May God Almighty have mercy on these apostates, because I won't."

He's calling Church officials in Manchester "apostates."

A true indication of where this cult is heading.

David G. said...

What does he mean by saying, "May God Almighty have mercy on these apostates, because I won't"?

Is that a veiled threat?

David said...

DeLalla is rejecting the teaching of the Catholic Church with regard to EENS in a public forum even after the sanctions issued by the Diocese of Manchester.

The members of this pseudo-Catholic organization obviously have no intention of complying with the directives of the Church.

That says it all. As does Delalla's effeminate whining in his Blog post.

Frank said...

"Regarding the matter of the undated canonical precept recently issued by an official of the Diocese of Manchester..."

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but Villarrubia keeps referring to "an official" of the Diocese of Manchester. That official is the Very Reverend Georges de Laire, JCL, the Episcopal Vicar for Canonical Affairs for the Diocese of Manchester. The vicar, along with the Chancellor of the Diocese of Manchester, signed the prohibitions against the Feeneyite "Slaves."

Andre is behaving as if he and the rest of the Slaves are victims of a single, aggrieved individual within the hierarchy in New Hampshire, and as if de Laire is waging a one-man vendetta against them. Is the Bro. so blinded by his heresy that he does not realize that the Vicar for Canonical Affairs and the Chancellor speak for the bishop himself? Does Bro. Andre really think that Bishop Libasci was not the driving force behind the prohibitions and the change in status of the Slaves?

I swear, I think Andre is putting this spin on things in an effort to better cast himself and the rest of the Slaves as victims. They are not victims of anyone except themselves and their own lack of belief in the teachings of the Church.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Well said Frank. Well said!

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