Thursday, July 27, 2006

Strange goings on in the Archdiocese of Boston

Jean Marchant, Director of the Office of Health Care Ministry for the Archdiocese of Boston, has supposedly been "ordained" by a schismatic clergyman in Canada:

Jean Trainor Marchant and her husband Ron Hindelang, Ph.D, Chaplain at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, are both involved with the Evensong Retreat Facility, a hotbed for dissidents and New Agers of all stripes within the Catholic Church.

In fact, they will be conducting a retreat at Evensong in April of 2007 entitled "Daring to Hope":

Directors: Rev. Ron Hindelang, S.T.L., Ph.D. & Rev. Jean Marchant, M.Div, D.Min.
April 20, 21, & 22, 2007
Begins at 7pm Friday, ends with Lunch on Sunday

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking "it's hopeless?" Does it sometimes feel like your life is "in a rut?" Ar eyou weighed down by all that's happening in the church? Does God sometimes seem far away? If you answer "Yes!" to any of the above, then this retreat is for you! Imagine for a moment how your life might be different = you've already sown the first see of hope! Come and germinate your seeds of hope with us this Spring. Participants will explore experiences of the loss and regaining of hope through biblical reflections on hope and hopelessness, input from the presenters, personal reflections and prayerful rituals. Join us in germinating your seeds of hope!
Fee: $260 per person
Commuter Rates Available

Evensong is staffed by "Rev" Marie S. David, M.Ed, who is described as a "Reiki Master" and "an ordained priest in good standing in the Community of Roman Catholic Womanpriests." And by James F. David, M.Div, who is described as "a member of CORPUS, an association for an inclusive priesthood, the International Council of Community Churches, and Call To Action." According to the Evensong website, Jim "resigned from the Roman Catholic clerical order in 1993 to continue his work for church renewal outside of the official structure." Source:

This pretty much speaks for itself.


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Anonymous said...

Thought we finally put this behins us back in the mid 1990's. Guess I was wrong. These people aren't Catholic by any stretch of the imagination.

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