Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Structural change or no?

The dissent group calling itself "Voice of the Faithful" (VOTF) is now well-known for issuing statements which are highly ambiguous and more often than not nonsensical. This is not a criticism directed at the people who belong to VOTF. It is simply an observation.

By way of example, VOTF has the following posted at their website: "In July of 2002, the VOTF Representative Council created a working group to define what VOTF means by its Goal 3 [referring to structural change]." - Source: http://www.voiceofthefaithful.org/Structural_Change/structural.html

This SCWG, which stands for "Structural Change Working Group" (it's important to use acronymns when you want to impress others that you mean business, sounds more authoritative), held meetings. And after much deliberation, this SCWG came to the conclusion that: "The problems which have come to light in the present crisis are more truly cultural than structural ones." (Same link cited above).

You see folks, even when an individual or a group of persons is engaging in dishonesty, the truth has a way of coming out. The truth has a power of its own. It will not be suppressed. VOTF's "Structural Change Working Group," formed to define exactly what the organization means by "structural change," wound up declaring that the sexual abuse crisis is largely due to cultural factors and not the structural make-up of the Church. Ironic isn't it?

For those of you who haven't read my last article at Faithfulvoice.com regarding structural change and VOTF, it may be found here: http://www.faithfulvoice.com/humble.htm


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Anonymous said...

VOTF is finished. They are losing members in droves. People are beginning to see through the smoke and mirrors. I want to personally thank you for all of your efforts and the efforts of the good people over at Faithful Voice in opposing this dissent group right from the beginning.

I followed your work in Keene, NH Paul. At first it seemed that VOTF was going to get a strong foothold in that city. But because you stood up against the organization - and at first you were a lone voice - others were encouraged and began to do the same.

VOTF failed in Keene several years ago. Now they are failing nationwide. God bless you brother!

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