Thursday, November 29, 2007

Breaking news on the Holocaust

Read here:

But don't expect Louis Villarrubia of the Saint Benedict Center cult to acknowledge these facts. After all, he's not an historian.


Roger Vaste said...

I wonder if "Brother" Andre Marie is attempting to keep his cult followers from the truth about the evil nature of the SBC by telling them to keep their children off the internet where they will be influenced by the "Dark Lord."

If anyone is acting like a "dark lord," it is Louis Villarrubia himself.

Susan said...

The villain of the movie Star Wars was Darth Vader. Perhaps Louis Villarrubia should be dubbed Darth Evader. As in evading the hard questions. He still hasn't responded to Paul's challenge.

Elizabeth said...

The release of this documentation deserves a response from "Brother" Andre Marie. I am willing to bet that he will continue to remain silent. I wonder if Gary Potter's article will now be taken down from the SBC website. You know, the one which referred to the "so-called Holocaust."

Carrie said...

Many, many thanks to Peter Majoy and Tom White (Keene State College)for bringing the reality and the history of the Holocaust to the public. Those of us who were born AFTER this human travesty took place, have a much more clearer view and respect for this ugly part of human history.
It is such a shame that Louis Villarubia, aka "Brother Andre Marie", is so caught up in such a fantasy world (dark lord, ninja warrior, assassin, etc.) that he cannot even acknowledge that which is put before us. I would suggest to him to watch the documentary with Oprah Winfrey and Elie Wiesel (a Holocaust survivor, Louis might not know)at Auschwitz and then continue to claim that "some Jews died".
His parents should be ashamed. I know I would be.

Stephen said...

Children were thrown alive into fire? That is nothing short of demonic.

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