Friday, November 23, 2007

A timely reminder from a popular Catholic author

Michael Brown has a beautiful article which is a must read:

"We have the truth -- we have wisdom -- only by following the way of Jesus.

This means extending our "circle of love."

Too often, we reject others on the basis of first impressions. We reject them because they aren't like us, because they are not Catholic, or not the right kind of Catholic, or Christian, or because they look differently -- style their hair in a certain way, or wear a different style of shirt or dress.

It becomes "us against them." We form a cult. We become isolated -- instead of reaching out." - Michael H. Brown.


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Anonymous said...

That's exactly the attitude of the SBC Cult: Us against them. Anyone who stands with the true Church is called names such as "minion of the Devil."

The SBC is not only a cult. The organization has been listed as an anti-semitic hate group which engages in Holocaust denial.

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