Friday, November 30, 2007

History as bigotry: Courtesy of the Catholic League

History as bigotry:

Also, read how The New York Times called Pope Pius XII "a lone voice" opposing Hitlerism. Hardly the stuff of anti-Semitism:


Ann Duclos said...

I have to add my feelings of disappointment at what is happening over in Keene at the Holocaust Center. Many of us who are Catholic have really been opposing the SBC because of its anti-semitism. Some of you have really spent countless hours getting the word out about this cult. And now we are rewarded with hurtful remarks about our Church. I am both saddened and a bit disillusioned. If the Holocaust Center is not participating in anti-catholicism, why the hurtful remarks? And why the failure to acknowledge the many years of work which Paul has put into exposing the SBC? Susan may be onto something. To acknowledge that it was a CATHOLIC who first uncovered this story would diminish any efforts to paint this as a liberal movement vs. big bad catholicism.

I'm sorry Paul. You and all the Catholics who have been at the forefront of this story deserve better.

Roger Vaste said...

Ann, I wasn't initially aware of those comments from the Cohen Center. While I support their efforts at educating the public about the Holocaust (and I know Paul does as well), still, those comments are very unfortunate. Hopefully they were not motivated by anti-Catholicism. We will know soon enough. If the offensive comments are not removed from the Cohen Center Blog, then we will know that the Center is purposely engaging in revisionist history in an attempt to discredit the Roman Catholic Church. Perhaps in an effort to further a liberal pro-abortion/pro-homosexual agenda. The Catholic League has noted how liberal groups will often do just that. If this situation is not addressed by Monday, we should contact the Catholic League.

Roger Vaste said...

Things are really getting strange. Just the other day (November 29, 2007), SBC Watch published (and their comments are moderated) a slanderous attack on Paul in the form of a comment left by Tobias Torgerson (aka Petrus). Specifically, Paul was falsely accused of saying that the SBC is "Neo-Nazi." Paul has never made this claim. And one has to wonder why SBC Watch published this slander without first checking the facts. The link is here:

I left two comments about this slanderous attack on Paul. I hope this will end this whole affair.

Dale said...

That is just bizarre Roger. I wonder if this is has anything to do with the Cohen Center's failure to cite Paul's work at this Blog and the anti-Catholic assertions of anti-Semitism in traditional Catholic teachings?

I just don't understand why the Provost's Blog would give credence to this Petrus character and his false allegations against Paul.


Dale said...

I just went to the Cohen Center's Blog and there is a commen from Victoria. The last paragraph reads, "To educate yourselves so you may draw your own conclusion, I encourage all of you to visit,, and the talkback forum on sentinelsource.comfor a look at the reality in the beautiful, tiny town of Richmond, NH. We are your neighbors.
Thank you!"

Conspiculously absent is any mention of this Blog or the many years of painstaking work by Paul. Why? When combined with the anti-Catholic assertions at the Cohen Center Blog and the published comment from Tobias accusing Paul of something he didn't do, I am getting a very uneasy feeling about all of this.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

In the comment cited by Roger, Mr. Torgerson has asserted that, "Melanson accused the SBC of neo-Nazism."

This constitutes, objectively speaking, libel. Which is slander in written format. Anyone who takes the time to visit my post entitled "A chilling comment," - which was a detailed response to a comment left at this Blog by Mr. Torgerson, will see that I neither referred to him or the SBC as being "Neo-Nazi" or being guilty of "Neo-Nazism."

When I was interviewed by Chronicle, I specifically told Mary Richardson that while I was concerned about Stormfront's defense of the SBC and what that MIGHT imply, there is no definitive proof of any connection between the SBC and Stormfront or any other Neo-Nazi/hate group.

Therefore, any statement (direct or implied) that I said there is a connection between the SBC and any hate group or that I accused the SBC of Neo-Nazism, is simply false.

Mr. Torgerson has aready admitted that he cannot remember the context of what he wrote in his previous comment at this Blog and apologized for any scandal or irresponsibility on his part. I accepted his apology and published one comment from him in which he acknowledges that he doesn't believe Jewish People are the enemy of humanity. I have kept a copy of his comment in which he apologizes.

Mr. Torgerson now owes me an apology for his slanderous accusation directed against my person. Not that I expect one.

Marilyn said...

Paul, I re-read your excellent post. All you did was to exhort Tobias to study the Church's Magisterial teaching and then concluded with these words, "You are in my prayers."

It is a beautiful post devoid of any accusations.

God bless you for your witness!

John Ansley said...

Some of you may not know me. My name is John Ansley and I have worked with Paul Melanson on many Catholic projects including the Gabriel Marcel Society and Faithfulvoice.

Paul has shared a comment with me which he has decided not to post. And I can't say that I blame him. It was very offensive. The author of this comment referred to several readers of this Blog as "hypersensitive" because they are alarmed at anti-Catholic rhetoric which has appeared at the Blog for the Keene State College Cohen Center for Holocaust Studies.

Such an attitude is very disturbing and indicates a lack of respect for those of us who love our Church. For us, the Church is both the Mystical Body of Christ as well as our family. I think it's safe to assume that if the author of this rather unfortunate comment [ who will remain nameless for the sake of Christian charity - even if the name used was a nickname] were to discover that the Cohen Center or anyone else was accusing his/her family as being anti-Semitic and this was not true, he or she would also be "outraged."

I would exhort the individual who left this inappropriate comment to reflect on this. In all likelihood, this person is not Catholic and probably couldn't care less if the Catholic Church is being unjustly maligned. But those of us who are Catholic do care.

I would challenge the Cohen Center of Keene State College to use a little more discretion in the future and to practice, and not just preach, genuine hospitality. In educating others about the horrors of the Shoah, it really isn't necessary to malign the history and reputation of the Church. Let's avoid politicizing the Holocaust for any reason and adhere to the facts rather than engaging in historical revisionism.

John Ansley

Dale said...

I just left this at the Sentinel Blog

I'll tell you who I am Russ. I am the same guy who posted comments at SBC Watch which were critical of the SBC and you never had a problem with those posts. I'm the same guy who thinks David Kochman is to be commended for trying to remind you that comments being posted at your Blog were offensive examples of anti-Catholicism.

When Paul Melanson posted a couple of lovely quotes at your post "The trouble in paradise is the trouble with truth," Tom Matson left the following comment

" To Paul,

Take no offense please, but I have to add Thomas Jefferson to your list please,

"History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government",[34] and, "In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own."[35] "May it be to the world, what I believe it will be, (to some parts sooner, to others later, but finally to all), the signal of arousing men to burst the chains under which monkish ignorance and superstition had persuaded them to bind themselves, and to assume the blessings and security of self-government"

To which David Kochman (God bless him for all time) responded

"The quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson is SICKENING and should be WIDELY CONDEMNED. Opposition to certain SBC beliefs SHOULD NEVER BE CONFUSED WITH ANTI-CATHOLICISM...just as racism or anti-semitism are clearly wrong, ANY TRACE OF ANTI-CATHOLICISM IS EQUALLY UNACCEPTABLE AND MUST BE CLEARLY CONDEMNED." (Comment of August 9, 2007 at 10:09 AM).

What a shame that such inappropriate comments have been left to stand at SBC Watch.

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