Saturday, August 23, 2008

Spreading the Gospel of Hate at HCCNS

Note: It would appear that an individual or individuals have been posting attacks against my person at the Holy Cross Cardinal Newman Society website [operated by Mr. Vic Melfa, Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts] because I have questioned Mr. Philip Lawler [author of The Faithful Departed] as to why he attended the 2008 Saint Benedict Center Conference in Nashua, New Hampshire as a guest speaker - the Saint Benedict Center, which is based out of Richmond, New Hampshire, has been listed as an anti-Semitic hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and has been featured on the television program Chronicle.

Comments have also been left at the HCCNS website promoting the work of E. Michael Jones and the publication Culture Wars.

For this reason, I would encourage readers of this Blog to visit an excellent Blog authored by Mr. Matthew Anger, a freelance Catholic journalist who has contributed to the Latin Mass Magazine:

Mr. Anger explains:

"Jones may differ superficially from the hard-core racialist anti-Semites in that his Jewish fixation is "religious." But all this really does is to make hatred palatable to people who might have some remaining Christian scruples. It is hardly surprising that Jones' message is admired by virulent racists like the Vanguard News Network (see the post of "Shamir on the Jewish Question," reprinted from Jones' Culture Wars, September 2005). In 2004, the Catholic League issued a forthright expose of E. Michael Jones' soft-sell anti-Semitism in The Catalyst ("Playing Fast and Loose With Theology," July-August 2004)."


Anonymous said...

Anti-Semitism in the Church has continued to be a problem on some level. This is why the Vatican is addressing the problem this year.

Anonymous said...

E. Michael Jones has been promoting his own brand of "Catholic" anti-semitism for many years now. Sadly, some have embraced his message of hate and intolerance and, under the guise of Catholicism, are advancing the idea that the Jews are involved in some sort of conspiracy to dominate the world and are responsible for the ills of society. The Jews become a scapegoat for all of our problems.

It is really sick and twisted. The Catholic Church firmly and totally repudiates anti-semitism as incompatible with the Gospel.

Judging by recent posts, the Holy Cross forum is degenerating into anti-semitism.

Anonymous said...

Philip Lawler claims that Feeney was just "energetically" defending a Catholic Dogma. Paul has ably shown why this is a lie. What is most curious (from my point of view) is how Lawler ignores Feeney's own words delivered against the Jews:

The Jews have taken over this city..." (Report by Grace Uberti from 14 September 1952, Feeney Collection, Archives, Archdiocese of Boston, Brighton, Mass).

"I would rather be a bad Catholic than any Jew in existence." (op. cit, 19 October 1952).

"Every Protestant hates the Jews. Harvard loathes Jews. That is why they got a new President - to keep the Jews away. I don't hate Jews for the reason he hates them. I hate them because they hate Jesus. They hate Jesus because they are Jews!" (op. cit 9 August 1953).

"Those kikes are from Hillel House. I warn you of what the Jews are going to do to the Catholic City of Boston. In every city you see a new synagogue being built in a Christian country...If I sent Catholics over to heckle Rabbi Shubow, Fingold [Attorney General] would send the police in and have them in jail. But over here in front of the picture of the sacred heart of Mary these Jews are yelling every single filthy thing - every blasphemous word, on Sunday in a Catholic city." (op. cit 31 July 1955).

"Here you have me in a Catholic city being spit at and sneered at. I would like to profess my Catholic faith in a city gone to the dogs, thanks to the Jews, Protestants and Masons, and under a cowardly leader." (op. cit 16 November 1952).

"Harvard boys are filthy. Too many Irish, too many Negroes, and too many Jews." (op. cit 8 March 1953).

Why isn't Lawler concerned over such angry and hateful rhetoric? Is this what he means when he says that Feeney was just "energetically" defending a Dogma?

Does the word "kike" bother you at all Mr. Lawler? If not, why not? Are there ANY circumstances where a Catholic priest is justified in employing such hateful slurs against the Jewish people?

What did Feeney mean by "too many negroes and too many Jews"? Is this the "energetic" preaching you speak of Mr. Lawler?

While we're at it Mr. Lawler, why have you not distanced yourself from the SBC in Richmond or the comments made by SBC leadership and guest speakers? Is this because you agree with their statements? Why the continued silence Mr. Lawler?

And why are your defenders promoting the anti-Semitic writings of people such as E. Michael Jones while attacking Paul Melanson?

Keep ducking these and other questions Mr. Lawler. It only serves to make people more and more suspicious about you.

Anonymous said...

E. Michael Jones, in a truly horrific article which may be found at Culture Wars: http://, says that:

"Pornography of the weapons which 'Jews with an atavistic fear of Christian authority' have turned to to weaken the dominant culture in a country and, thereby, assure that the Jews, always a minority, will go unmolested by their 'Christian' neighbors.."

Is this what Louis Villarrubia (aka "Brother" Andre Marie) meant when he said that the Jews "undermine public morality"?

Has Philip Lawler indicated whether or not he also believes this?

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