Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Priest gets ten years for abusing three teens

"Underwood's victims recalled a lively, larger-than-life priest who took them on trips and befriended their families. One former altar boy, speaking for the prosecution, recalled the priest saying that sexual intimacy between two males was acceptable because that's what Jesus and his 12 disciples did for pleasure while they wandered the desert." - Arizona Daily Star.

Prophecy of venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser (17th century, Germany):

"During this period, many men will abuse the freedom of conscience conceded to them. It is of such men that Jude, the Apostle, spoke when he said: 'These men blaspheme- whatever they do not understand; and they corrupt whatever they know naturally as irrational animals do. . . They feast together without restraint, feeding themselves, grumbling murmurers, walking according to their lusts; their mouth speaketh proud things, they admire people for the sake of gain; they bring about division, sensual men, having not the spirit.

During this unhappy period, there will be laxity in divine and human precepts. Discipline will suffer. The Holy Canons will be completely disregarded, and the Clergy will not respect the laws of the Church. Everyone will be carried away and led to believe and to do what he fancies, according to the manner of the flesh.

They will ridicule Christian simplicity; they will call it folly and nonsense, but they will have the highest regard for advanced knowledge, and for the skill by which the axioms of the law, the precepts of morality, the Holy Canons and religious dogmas are clouded by senseless questions and elaborate arguments. As a result, no principle at all, however holy, authentic, ancient, and certain it may be, will remain free of censure, criticism, false interpretations, modification and delimitation by man.

These are evil times, a century full of dangers and calamities. Heresy is everywhere, and the followers of heresy are in power almost everywhere. Bishops, prelates, and priests say that they are doing their duty, that they are vigilant, and that they live as befits their state in life. In like manner, therefore, they all seek excuses. But God will permit a great evil against His Church: Heretics and tyrants will come suddenly and unexpectedly; they will break into the Church while bishops, prelates, and priests are asleep. They will enter Italy and lay Rome waste; they will burn down the churches and destroy everything."(Yves Dupont, Catholic Prophecy,Tan Books and Publishers, 1973).


Ashley Pelletier said...

False interpretations. Like those who would advance a false interpretation of the Church's teaching on "Outside the Church there is no salvation." False teachers who follow their own lusts are all around us unfortunately. We must remain faithful to the Church's Magisterium. God bless you Paul...we are definitely in the thick of the apostasy.

John Ansley said...

Not just false interpretations Ashley but elaborate arguments mired in semantics. Paul shared one comment with me (which he didn't post because it is just plain silly) in which a Jesuit priest tried to argue that the Bishop of Manchester - in his statement issued through Fr. Edward Arsenault exhorting people to NOT participate in ANY of the spiritual exercises of the Saint Benedict Center in Richmond - only used the word "exercises" and that, therefore, Paul shouldn't have added the word "activities" in another post in which he referred to the Bishop's statement.

Rather than simply acknowledging that Paul was right and that Philip Lawler shouldn't have attended the Saint Benedict Center Conference, this Jesuit priest attempted to formulate an argument which just doesn't work.

The word "exercise" is synonymous with the word "activity." Paul explained this to the confused cleric (who obviously has a perverse desire to argue away the full implication of the Bishop's statement) and asked him to take his argument to the Diocese of Manchester. Want to bet that he doesn't do so?

The Bishop's statement is clear, faithful Catholics should not attend ANY of the spiritual exercises (or activities) of the Saint Benedict Center. Why, because the group has no affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church and NO permission to do ministry within the Diocese of Manchester.

Perversity. Read Venerable Holzhauser's prophecy carefully. Elaborate arguments indeed. And the motivation is anything but holy.

Ellen Wironken said...

Many Catholics have become lax regarding the teaching of the Church. And many of these don't really appreciate just how serious dissent is. We should all prayerfully meditate on this passage from the letter of the Holy Office to Archbishop Cushing:

"..let them who in grave peril are ranged against the Church seriously bear in mind that after 'Rome has spoken' they cannot be excused even by reasons of good faith. Certainly, their bond and duty of obedience toward the Church is much graver than that of those who as yet are related to the Church 'only by an unconscious desire.'"

The Holy Office describes those who are opposed to the Magisterial teaching on Extra ecclesiam nulla salus as being in "grave peril."

Opposition to the Magisterial teaching of the Church is opposition to Christ. I wonder if Mary Alexander over at the Blog "Against all Heresies" really appreciates this fact. Or perhaps there is one error she isn't opposed to.

Meredith said...

I visited Philip Lawler's Blog which is tied in with his book and Mary Alexander wrote a post on how George Weigel recommended Lawler's book while conveniently omitting the caveat in which Weigel says, "I can't agree with Phil's assessment of Father Leonard Feeney's draconian interpretation of the ancient theological maxim, 'No salvation outside the Church.'"

This really speaks to Mary's dishonesty. She omits the sentence from Weigel's review which contradicts her own distorted viewpoint: namely, that Fr. Leonard Feeney is the most "hated man in America" because he defended a dogma which "simple-minded" and "naive" "liberals" found offensive.

The lengths some people will go to in an effort to justify their rejection of Magisterial teaching.

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