Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Was Mr. Lawler aware?

When Mr. Philip Lawler agreed to speak at the 2008 Saint Benedict Center Conference, was he aware that another guest speaker, Lt. Cmdr John Sharpe, founded IHS Press in September of 2001 with an individual named Derek Holland? Was he aware, as Mr. Matthew Anger has documented at his Blog Fringe Watch, that "Derek Holland, through the ITP [International Third Position], is associated with the Neo-Nazi Geman NPD (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands)" and that "Holland spoke at their events in 1999 and 2000"?

Was Mr. Lawler aware that "..the NPD is also linked to al-Qaeda via Ahmed Huber, a Swiss extremist who converted to Islam in the 1960s"?*

Let's hope not.

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Jonathan said...

This is all just incredible. And outrageous. What a tangled web of sordid connections!

Sanctus Belle said...

Is anyone aware of Mr Lawler's refutation of these claims? Does such a refutation exist? I'd be fascinated to read his reply...

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

I'm not sure what you mean by claims Sanctus. I have made no accusations against Mr. Lawler and I hope (sincerely hope) that he didn't attend the SBC Conference knowing any of this.

As to Derek Holland (associate of John Sharpe), the background provided by Mr. Matthew Anger is well-documented.

Alzina said...

sanctus belle, Philip Lawler has not distanced himself from the SBC or denounced the offensive statements against the Jewish People which Bishop McCormack said are offensive to all people of good will.

He has been pretty much silent and has not addressed (at his blog or anywhere else as far as I know) whether or not he sympathizes with Feeeneyism or the ideology of the SBC.

Curious no? You would think he would be anxious to distance himself from the SBC publically. But I have seen no such statement from him.

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