Thursday, September 24, 2009

School children being taught to praise Obama

In his Encyclical Letter Centesimus Annus, Pope John Paul II reminded us that:

"Authentic democracy is possible only in a State ruled by law, and on the basis of a correct conception of the human person. It requires that the necessary conditions be present for the advancement both of the individual through education and formation in true ideals, and of the "subjectivity" of society through the creation of structures of participation and shared responsibility. Nowadays there is a tendency to claim that agnosticism and sceptical relativism are the philosophy and the basic attitude which correspond to democratic forms of political life. Those who are convinced that they know the truth and firmly adhere to it are considered unreliable from a democratic point of view, since they do not accept that truth is determined by the majority, or that it is subject to variation according to different political trends. It must be observed in this regard that if there is no ultimate truth to guide and direct political activity, then ideas and convictions can easily be manipulated for reasons of power. As history demonstrates, a democracy without values easily turns into open or thinly disguised totalitarianism.

Nor does the Church close her eyes to the danger of fanaticism or fundamentalism among those who, in the name of an ideology which purports to be scientific or religious, claim the right to impose on others their own concept of what is true and good. Christian truth is not of this kind. Since it is not an ideology, the Christian faith does not presume to imprison changing socio-political realities in a rigid schema, and it recognizes that human life is realized in history in conditions that are diverse and imperfect. Furthermore, in constantly reaffirming the transcendent dignity of the person, the Church's method is always that of respect for freedom.

But freedom attains its full development only by accepting the truth. In a world without truth, freedom loses its foundation and man is exposed to the violence of passion and to manipulation, both open and hidden. The Christian upholds freedom and serves it, constantly offering to others the truth which he has known (cf. Jn 8:31-32), in accordance with the missionary nature of his vocation. While paying heed to every fragment of truth which he encounters in the life experience and in the culture of individuals and of nations, he will not fail to affirm in dialogue with others all that his faith and the correct use of reason have enabled him to understand." (No. 46).

The English psychiatrist William Sargent explained that, "It is not the mentally ill but ordinary normal people who are most susceptible to 'brainwashing.'" And in her book The Nazis and the Occult, Dusty Sklar notes how, "Hitler's early speeches were so mesmerizing that even people who were repelled by his ideas felt themselves being swept along. The playwright Eugene Ionesco mentions in his autobiography that he received the inspiration for Rhinoceros when he felt himself pulled into the Nazi orbit at a mass rally and had to struggle to keep from developing 'rhinoceritis.' We 'catch' ideas, too, because we want to be like others, particularly when we want not to be our despised selves. If we're satisfied, we don't need to conform, but if we're not, we imitate people whom we admire for having greater judgment, taste, or good fortune than we do....Through conformity, the person who feels inferior is in no danger of being exposed. He's indistinguishable from the others. No one can single him out and examine his unique being. Conformity, in turn, sets him up to be further canceled out as an individual, to have no life apart from his collective purpose. This gives a movement tremendous power over the individual. Even intelligent people are not immune from the desire to conform. Heinrich Hildebrandt, a schoolteacher who was anxious to hide his liberal past, joined the Nazi party, and to his own disgust, found himself 'proud to be wearing the insignia. It showed I belonged, and the pleasure of belonging, so soon after feeling excluded, isolated, is very great...I belonged to the new nobility..'" (The Nazis and the Occult, pp. 157, 158).

The desire to conform and not to be perceived as being "different" or "countercultural," can be a very powerful force. Many Catholics (and other Christians) voted for President Barack Obama knowing full well that he supports abortion through all nine months of pregnancy right up to so-called partial-birth abortion - which is actually infanticide - as well as his support for Embryonic Stem Cell Research (ESCR) and the radical homosexual agenda.

Now we are witnessing initial attempts to indoctrinate children into being an obedient mass. We are on the verge of totalitarianism.


Eric Levan said...

This situation is really scary and revolting. Parents need to rise up and oppose efforts such as this to brainwash children into praising Obama. The country is dividing. The DC TEA march is proof of that. Battle lines are being formed.

Ashley Pelletier said...

From F.A.C.T.Net (which deals with cults - including the SBC in Richmond, New Hampshire):

The League of German Girls developed a new version of the Lord's Prayer which was a supplication not only for the Fuhrer but to him as a deity:

Adolf Hitler, you are our great Leader. Thy name makes the enemy tremble. They Third Reich comes, thy will alone is law upon earth. Let us hear daily thy voice and order us by thy leadership for we will obey to the end even with our lives. We praise thee! Heil Hitler!

And smaller children were taught to use this grace before meals:

Fuhrer, my Fuhrer, sent to me from God, protect and maintain me throughout my life. Thou who hast saved Germany from deepest need, I thank thee today for my daily bread. Remain at my side and never leave me, Fuhrer, my Fuhrer, my faith, my light. Heil my Fuhrer!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God. It's starting. We need to step up our prayers as the Church enters the time of its great trial. This is an obscenity.

Michael Cole said...

John Holdren, Obama's science czar, says that the "fetus" is not a person and wants to sterilize welfare recipients. Read the WND article here:

Sr. Marianne Lorraine Trouve said...

I found this video very disturbing. It looks like a fascist country where children are brainwashed into praising their "dear leader."
Paul, thanks for the comment you left on my blog in response to the person who sent in an inquiry.
Someone left a few really strange comments which I deleted so they won't mislead anyone.
God bless you!

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Thanks for your comment Sister Lorraine. Your Blog is truly wonderful. As far as fanaticism and mass movements are concerned, I have been greatly influenced by the thought of the French Neo-Socratic Gabriel Marcel, who is often referred to as an existentialist even though he rejected the idea. His work "Man Against Mass Society" is one of critical importance for our times. His thought also influenced a favorite priest-writer of mine: Father Vincent P. Miceli.

I know what you mean about strange comments. I get them here all the time. One needs the sense of humor that Blessed Miguel Pro had to deal with such strangeness.

God love you Sister, I'm happy to have you as a new friend...:)

Derek said...

Startling new evidence suggests that the swine flu pandemic is man-made:

Carla said...

Excellent blog!! Just a short comment if I may!
"Now we are witnessing initial attempts to indoctrinate children into being an obedient mass."
Actually these aren't the initial attempts. The groundwork has been being laid for many years in public schools.
The "propaganda" the public schools pump out to the students is unbelievable. When my children were in public schools there was blatant propaganda, just not Obama focused.
I'm still struggling with the fact that so many people were so obviously deceived by Obama and still are. Now they are allowing their children to be deceived!

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Carla, thank you for your comment. But I think it's important to define our terms. Propaganda is defined as, "The systematic propagation of a given doctrine or of allegations reflecting its views and interests." Indoctrination is defined thusly, "To teach to accept a system of thought uncritically."

A relevant link:

There is a subtle difference between the two terms which must be acknowledged. Again, thanks for your comment.

God bless you.

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