Sunday, September 20, 2009

UN Shock Report: Swine flue could kill millions; pandemic could result in anarchy

"I have wanted you here, to tell you that you must now all enter right away into the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart. Just as Noah, in the name of the Lord, called into the ark those who were to be saved from the flood, so now must you, my littlest child, in the name of your heavenly Mother, call into the refuge of my Immaculate Heart those who must be protected, defended and saved from the great trial which has now come for the Church and for all humanity...My Church will be shaken by the violent wind of apostasy and unbelief, as he who sets himself against Christ will enter into its interior, thus bringing to fulfillment the horrible abomination which has been prophesied to you in Holy Scripture. Humanity will know the bloody hour of its chastisement: it will be stricken with the scourge of epidemics, of hunger and of fire; much blood will be spilt upon your roads; war will spread everywhere, bringing down upon the world incommensurable devastation...You, my poor children, must all bear the weight of great sufferings and of unspeakable sorrows, so that the great miracle of divine justice and mercy may be manifest to all...From this place, where I appeared as the Woman Clothed with the sun, to be your light in these dark years of the great tribulation, I bless you all in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." (Our Lady to Fr. Stephano Gobbi, Fatima, Portugal, March 15, 1993).


Betty said...

Our Lady of Mercy, protect us; cover us with your mantle and surround us with a multitude of Holy Angels. Amen.

albizzi said...

UN and its arm WHO are striving to instill a dangerous agenda to create a panic stream among the people. The governments and the media are echoing and magnifying the stuff in a race to the worst catastrophe scenarios.
Fortunately we begin to get some interesting datas from the south hemisphere countries where the winter is ending. The peak of the swine flu is over and the truth is far different from what we are predicted since months. In fact in Argentina, only 12,6 per cent of the people were infected and the mortality looks well under the levels of the seasonal flus we are used to every winter.
Then what is the aim of such catastrophism?

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