Sunday, July 14, 2019

Anti-Christian attacks in France have quadrupled; but don't call Neil Cavuto with the news, he'll hang up on you

Remember when Neil Cavuto hung up on Catholic League President Bill Donohue?  See here.

Cavuto was angry at Donohue because he speculated that the catastrophic Notre Dame fire could be related to other recent attacks on Catholic churches in Paris.

Why would this upset Mr. Cavuto?  I'll leave that for readers to discern. Although I believe I know why.

If the Notre Dame fire is not related to other recent attacks on Catholic Churches (if not by an orchestrated campaign, at least by a rising anti-Catholicism), how do we explain this?

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Cyn M said...

I believe the fire at Notre Dame is related to the burning of other churches in France, I also think there is a massive downplaying in mainstream media regarding open and violent persecution of Christians. Political correctness may have it's day, but God is ultimately in charge. All will eventually come to light.

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