Monday, July 01, 2019

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh unhappy with Straight Parade


From The Washington Times:

"The city initially said no to the organizers of 'Straight Pride,' the "Super Happy Fun America.' But after SHFA members filed a discrimination complaint, Boston officials switched course.

There’s that whole First Amendment thing, dontcha know.

Mayor Marty Walsh didn’t seem happy about announcing the event, though, issuing this rather sheepish explanation on the heels of the city’s flip: “Permits to host a public event are granted based on operational feasibility, not based on values or endorsements of beliefs. The city of Boston cannot deny a permit based on an organization’s values,” he said in [on] CNN.*

Yes. Boston would surely have been sued if it denied the event. And what’s more, Boston surely would have lost.

Still, the left isn’t done with the fight.

The parade is being branded by critics as homophobic — which raises the rather strange question: How come it’s OK to support LGBTQ rights, but not heterosexual rights?"

*  This is the same Marty Walsh who said that Chik-fil-A would have to change its convictions if the corporation wanted to do business in Boston.  See here.

The intolerance of "tolerance," see here.

Marty Walsh won't be attending the Straight Parade as he does LGBTQ parades.  See here.


Derek said...

We can readily see that Walsh et al are not interested in traditional Christian values, only in imposing a radical "LGBTQ" agenda.

These people hate God and His plan for humanity. Which is why they reject the idea of marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Stephen said...

Mayor Walsh is a hypocrite, waging war against those with traditional moral values while promoting a progressive agenda.

His message? Think like me or you're banned in Boston.

Sieg heil!

Kathleen1031 said...

I hope lots of people come out and support the parade, minus children of course. Hey, this starts small this year, and can build and become huge. These people may spark some manly resistance from the PC culture toadies that inhabit the Northeast, some may actually perceive some testosterone flowing through the old veins, and decide to get up off their arse and defend, well, only everything. Women may come out just to get a glimpse at what an actual man looks like.

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