Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Sons of Belial have their own priorities: Ignore the Culture of Sodomy and Dissent while condemning devout Catholics

The culture of lies, deceit and corruption throughout the Church continues to anger authentic Catholics. Christopher Mannion notes that, "In recent days, as California was rocked by a magnitude 7 earthquake, the Vatican and America’s Catholic hierarchy were inundated by an avalanche of their own.

For a year after the McCarrick scandal broke, prelates here and in Rome had managed to preserve a semblance of credibility, adorned with trappings of a synod and new laws and earnest promises. But within the past fortnight, the rickety stonewall of coverup and omertà crumbled with increasing speed.

On July 3, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former papal nuncio to the United States, shared new charges with LifeSiteNews. They are troubling indeed.

'Not only is Pope Francis doing close to nothing to punish those who have committed abuse,' Viganò writes, 'he is doing absolutely nothing to expose and bring to justice those who have, for decades, facilitated and covered up the abusers.'"

No, Francis has his own priorities which include condemning materialism while overlooking filth, perversion and sexual abuse, see here or condemning devout Catholics who want doctrinal clarity (see here) while looking the other way when it comes to the Cult of Softness (see here) and Sodomy within the Church.

That's the thing with Modernist counterfeit Catholics; they have all the love in the world for those who engage in sodomy or who misrepresent the teaching of the Church, but have nothing but contempt for those of us who actually adhere to Catholic moral teaching while maintaining a devotion to the Immaculata.

For example, I was banned from the Facebook Page of Saint Mary's Church in Orange, Massachusetts (where I attend Mass) because of my commitment to the Church's perennial teaching as expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  But the same Facebook Page promoted Father Jonathan Morris, who has misrepresented Catholic teaching and who has since left the priesthood.

Now I could care less about the Facebook Page of Saint Mary's.  Nobody reads the thing anyway.  I get more visitors in five minutes than that page does in an entire month.

But it shows the enmity (see here) these sons of Belial have for authentic Catholics. Make no mistake about it.  This enmity will continue to grow until Christ returns as Saint Louis de Montfort has warned.

Arm yourself with your Rosary and continue to stand against those modern-day Judases within.


E. said...

I could see the animus Father Bermudez had for you. And nothing has changed. But others have been relegated to the fringe as well. There's a modernist oligarchy in place at St. Mary's.

E. said...

This tactic of promoting filth and dissent while relegating purity and orthodoxy to the margins is being used in Rome as well. Read here...

Cyn M said...

Continue to stand strong against the progressive "people pleasing" agenda within the Church. You, and those of us who support you, are called to be salt and light in their dark,narrow little world.The wheat and the chaff will continue to be sifted by the Almighty, The sheep and the goats separated. We pray during these endtimes,as our Lady requested, for true mercy and conversions.God bless you, Paul, for your steadfast defense of the Truth. You are ever in my prayers.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Thank you Cyn. The modernists, consumed with arrogance, cannot see that their twisted motion of "church" is doomed to fail. For Jesus, Whom they secretly hate, has said it: "Without Me, you can do nothing."

Stephen said...

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