Sunday, November 20, 2005

Click here to read why Reiki is demonic

Reiki is evil in our midst. Why are good priests remaining silent about this evil? Could it be that they lack the Holy Spirit's gift of Fortitude and cannot bear a little "turmoil" for the sake of an authentic peace? Jesus had to cleanse the temple during His earthly ministry and He fashioned a whip for that purpose. We need strong men of God to oppose the evils of our day. Not effetes who fall apart at the slightest hint of confrontation.



Anonymous said...

Seems like Transfiguration parish has been a real hotbed of controversy. There has been homosexual agitprop, immodest sex-ed and now New Age Reiki. When is it going to stop?

Sophia said...

Reiki is not evil. Evil is intolerance for others' religions.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Dear Stacey, tolerance is for external conduct not for the mind. The mind cannot tolerate error for a moment. To suggest that "all religions are equal" is to say that truth and falsehood are equal. This because they cannot all be true and they contradict one another.

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