Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Weeping statues and chastisement

Readers of Mr. Michael Brown's website Spirit Daily www.spiritdaily.com are aware that he has been chronicling various accounts of weeping statues. The latest statue reported to be weeping is located in Sacramento at the Vietnamese Catholic Martyrs Church. Mr. Brown has noted that: "Whenever statues weep, there is concern that events may be coming to those regions. Weeping statues long preceded the disaster in Louisiana. Whether it was related or unrelated, there was also a "miraculous" image on a tree in Manhattan before September 11.

And so additional questions:
Why so many in Texas? Why Sacramento, which is the capital of California? And why would there be such a strong Viet Nam connection?

These are excellent questions. The late Fr. Albert Joseph Hebert, in his important work on weeping statues entitled "The Tears of Mary and Fatima: Why?," (published in 1983) referred to several instances of statues having wept throughout Louisiana (Chapter XIII) and wrote that a certain man (whom he dubbed Cuban Exile or "CE") had obtained "a large beautiful Our Lady of Fatima statue of his own. This statue was to shed tears many times in the metropolitan area of New Orleans."

In his book, Fr. Hebert asks, "Why did the North American International Pilgrim Virgin statue, which wept in so many places, have its most famous weeping in New Orleans? Why was another famous Fatima statue ("AW's"), which wept in many places in the United States, also present several times in New Orleans? And, why, only recently, 1980, did another Fatima statue weeping sequence occur in the metropolitan New Orleans area?"

Of course, devout Catholics now know why. But then, we have the advantage of hindsight. What does all of this mean for Sacramento? Only time will tell. Keep the people of Sacramento in your prayers.


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Anonymous said...

I think it is significant when a statue of Our Lady weeps. A mother sheds tears when something is really wrong.

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