Monday, November 07, 2005

A meditation and a prayer

This meditation and prayer are taken from a beautiful book titled "My Meditation on the Gospel" and published by the Confraternity of the Precious Blood:

"After a few days' stay at Capharnaum, Jesus and Mary and the first five Apostles made the journey to Jerusalem for the Passover. When they entered the Temple, they heard its usual peace broken by a great uproar. Men were shouting and bargaining, oxen and sheep were bleating. Jesus stiffened. His Father's house made into a market place! A fierce, set look came over His features. His hands seized some cords and tied them into a whip. His eyes never left the scene before Him.

He walked forward then, arms outstretched. "Take these things away!" He cried out. His voice was strong, yet trembling with anger. An uneasy fear came over the crowd, as His eyes burned into theirs. They hurried away their oxen and sheep, those in back urging on those in front. The money-changers alone held their ground. Jesus seized the end of their tables and sent them flying end over end. They became panic-stricken then. They grasped what coins they could and ran. Jesus stood alone in the courtyard. Peace settled again over the Temple.

Dear Master,

It is so easy for me to get confused on this important point. I'm so liable to think that Your command 'to turn the other cheek' means to take any insult and never fight back! And so I become afraid to fight - or if I do fight, I feel very badly, as though somehow I had let you down. Teach me the real meaning of Your words. Turning the other cheek means being willing to forgive and forget when the injustice is over. It does not mean giving in to the injustice, or being a weakling. Give me Your courage then, Lord, to fight for justice and fairness. Give me the backbone to say what I know is right, even though others oppose me. Courage, Lord! Magnificent courage like Yours!" (pp. 125-127).

John Ansley


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Never thought of that before. I read a book called "No More Mr. Nice guy" which examined "doormat" Christianity and this was a good book. I will check out the book you mention.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, John,

Love the site's new look. Thanks for including the link to NOR!!! Awesome guys.

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