Thursday, November 10, 2005

Episcopal "Bishop" V. Gene Robinson's anti-Catholicism

According to the Associated Press, in an article which may be found by clicking on the title of this story, Episcopal "Bishop" V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, an active sodomite who left his wife to live with another man, told a Catholic man that:"it was an 'act of violence against gay folk' that the Vatican was considering instructing its seminaries to bar homosexuals and viewed it as an attempt by Catholic leaders to blame gays for the clergy sex abuse crisis."

Apparently V. Gene Robinson hasn't familiarized himself with Romans, Chapter 1 and what it has to say about men who burn with lust for one another and who exchange the truth about God for a lie.


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Anonymous said...

In other words, we're supposed to support him in his homosexuality - which is condemned in the Bible - but he should be able to accuse the Catholic Church of hate. This guy is a real charmer isn't he?

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