Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Global Elite's Idea Of "Utopia"

In his book entitled "Europe Today and Tomorrow," then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, warned that, "Today we find ourselves in the midst of a second Enlightenment, which has not only left behind the motto Deus Sive Natura but has also unmasked as irrational the Marxist ideology of hope.  In its place it has proposed a rational goal for the future, which is entitled the New World Order and is now supposed to become in its turn the essential ethical norm.  It still shares with Marxism the evolutionary idea of a universe brought forth by an irrational event and formed by its intrinsic rules, which however - unlike the provisions of the ancient idea of nature - cannot contain within themselves any ethical direction.

The attempt to derive from the rules of the evolutionary game the rules for the game of human life as well, and hence a new set of ethics, is in reality rather widespread but not very convincing.  There are more and more voices of philosophers such as Singer, Rorty, and Sloterdijk telling us that man now has the right and the duty to construct a new world order on a rational basis.  The new world order, the necessity of which cannot be doubted, they say, ought to be a world order of rationality.

Thus far they are all in agreement.  But what is rational?  The criterion of rationality is drawn exclusively from experiences of technological production on scientific foundations.  Such rationality exists in the sense of functionality, efficiency, increase in the quality of life.  The exploitation of nature that is connected with it increasingly becomes a problem because of environmental hazards, which are becoming dramatic.

Meanwhile, the manipulation of man by man is proceeding apace with even greater impudence.  The visions of Huxley [Aldous] are definitely becoming a reality; the human being must be no longer begotten irrationally but rather produced rationally.  But man as a product is at the disposal of man.  The imperfect specimens are discarded, so as to develop the perfect man by way of planning and production.  Suffering must disappear, life must be nothing but this way new forms of oppression are born, and a new ruling class arises.  Ultimately the destiny of other men is decided by those who have scientific power at their disposal and those who manage the finances...The human being cannot become a product.  He cannot be a product; he can only be begotten.  And for this reason protection for the special dignity of the communion between man and woman, on which the future of mankind is based, must be numbered among the ethical constants of every human society."

Having abandoned the God of love, the Supreme Creator, 21st-century man is now ready to worship himself and to usurp the divine powers of creation and destruction. In the words of Dr. Edmund Leach of King's College at Cambridge: 'The scientist can now play God in his role as wonder-worker, but can he - and should he - also play God as moral arbiter?...There can be no source for these moral judgments except the scientist himself. In traditional religion, morality was held to derive from God, but God was only credited with the authority to establish and enforce moral laws because He was also credited with supernatural powers of creation and destruction. Those powers have now been usurped by man, and he must take on the moral responsibility that goes with them' (Edmund Leach, "We Scientists Have the Right to Play God," The Saturday Evening Post, November 16, 1968, p. 16).

But make no mistake about it, when man becomes God society becomes, in the words of the French philosopher Gabriel Marcel, 'a termite colony.' We are still in the twilight. But unless we take a stand now, we will have the Moloch state. As at Auschwitz, men will determine who has quality of life and who should be "mercifully terminated."

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