Monday, September 13, 2010

Johann Hari provides more evidence of his fanaticism

Protect the Pope is reporting that:

"Johann Hari, militant atheist and gay activist, writes in The Independent, that Catholics who celebrate the Pope’s visit in a week’s time will be ‘understood as endorsing his crimes and his cruelties.’ He concludes that the faith of such Catholics ‘distorts’ their ‘ moral faculties’.

Hari writes: ‘If you turn out to celebrate him, you will be understood as endorsing his crimes and his cruelties. If your faith pulls you towards him rather than his victims, shouldn’t that make you think again about your faith? Doesn’t it suggest that faith in fact distorts your moral faculties?’

In the rest of the piece in The Independent he churns up the usual lies and distortions about Pope Benedict’s handling of child abuse cases. He then makes the disgusting comment that Pope Benedict has ‘facilitated the rape of your children’

He goes on to make the outrageous claim that Jesus demands that Catholics not support the Holy Father’s visit.

‘You have a choice during this state visit: stand with Ratzinger, or stand with his Catholic victims. Which side, do you think, would be chosen by the Nazarene carpenter you find on your crucifixes? I suspect he would want Ratzinger to be greeted with an empty, repulsed silence, broken only by cries for justice – and the low approaching wail of a police siren.’

Protect the Pope comment: As if we needed more evidence, so amply provided by Terry Sanderson, this lurid, outrageous piece by Johann Hari proves that those protesting the Pope’s visit are ANTI- CATHOLIC. He mendaciously and wickedly portrays Pope Benedict as a facilitator of child abuse and then claims that if Catholics celebrate the Papal visit that they do not support the victims of child abuse. Here before our very eyes, Protest the Pope is revealed as Protest the Catholics."

Mr. Hari's anti-Catholic rant may be found here.

Mr. Hari has a history of engaging in falsehood against the Church. At this point he has forfeited what little credibility he may once have enjoyed. Make no mistake, Johann Hari is not a journalist interested in reporting facts. He is an anti-Catholic propagandist.

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asia said...

Mr. Hari is a slave of pride.

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