Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Where was the outrage?

By now you've all heard about Pastor Terry Jones, head of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, who plans to burn copies of the Koran on September 11th. No decent person would agree with Pastor Jones' plan. It is morally offensive. And there has been outrage across the globe. Various world leaders have been highly critical of the pastor.

But what concerns me is that when Islamic extremists treat the Bible (or Christians) with contempt, we do not hear anything approaching the same level of condemnation from world leaders. Back in 2007, Islamic extremists stormed the Latin Church and the adjacent Rosary Sisters School in Gaza City. These gunmen used rocket-propelled grenades to blow through the doors of the Church and school before burning bibles and destroying every cross they could get their hands on. Father Manuel Mussalam told the Associated Press that these Muslims ransacked, burned and looted both the school and the convent.

Where was the outrage? How many of you have even heard of this incident? Anyone?

When Muslim students in Melbourne Australia urinated on bibles and burned them (what would this suggest they were being taught about the Bible), the story was barely reported by the press. As Patrick Buchanan notes, "..Islam, the faith of one in five people on earth, does not mean freedom. It means 'submission' - to the will of Allah. In the Islamic world, there is no freedom to preach and proselytize for faiths such as Christianity...The secular Western idea - that all religions should be treated equally and permitted to convert non-believers - is punishable heresy in the Islamic world. Can not we Americans, who once called ourselves a Christian country, understand that?" (Day of Reckoning, p. 76).
It would seem not.

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Stewart said...

For the liberal mainstream media, Islamophobia is bad and Christianophobia acceptable. It is nothing short of anti-Christ bias.

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