Thursday, September 16, 2010

Moral cowardice cloaked in a seamless garment

It was Joseph Scheidler, referring to the "seamless garment" approach toward abortion made popular by Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, who said:

"The true evil of the 'seamless garment' is that it provides a specious rationale for naive Catholics to vote for pro-abortion candidates on the theory that a pro-abortion stand can be winked at as long as the candidate otherwise has good liberal credentials. That is precisely the fallacy that has permitted hard-core abortionists to remain in office year after year. Catholic voters have kept them there. It is this tragic error that will allow Catholics to support opportunistic turn-coats on abortion like Richard Gephardt and Jesse Jackson." ("Cardinal's 'Seamless Garment' Theory Is Disastrous," The Wanderer, March 24, 1988).

Joe Sacerdo and his team over at Bryan Hehir Exposed have a wonderful post on Father Bryan Hehir's promotion of the "seamless garment." The "seamless garment" is moral cowardice enshrined. It represents a refusal by the Church's hierarchy to teach the Word of God and to speak out against the murder of the innocent.

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