Thursday, February 03, 2011

Venerable Mary of Agreda: Antichrist will appear in Egypt

Venerable Maria of Agreda, prophesied that, "When the world will be drowned in terrible vices, Satan and all his devils will be let loosed so that they may pave the way for the godless Antichrist to attain world dominion and final persecution... As mankind has lost it's faith, the subjects of that time will be very much oppressed by their rulers and authorities. Then many people will come to the Antichrist, who will pretend to be exceedingly kind and generous to all, and tell him their troubles. He will console the oppressed and promise them help. Finally the delegates of certain nations, the Jews, Turks, and Tartars will beg him to personally free them from their yoke. He will now declare himself ready to fulfill their wishes, while at the same time he will arouse the neighboring nations to revolution. The Jews will finally bring him a costly crown and a kingly garment, as well as a scepter, and declare him their freely elected king. The kings of the world, who will hear of this, will laugh at it and not pay any attention to this little horn. In the meantime he will build a powerful army and take up residence in Babylon, where a magnificent palace will be built for him. Many Jews will then stream to Babylon."

"Then the Antichrist will seek to enlarge his kingdom. He will, therefore, occupy with his troops various surrounding districts in Asia. Then, like a storm wind, he will appear in Egypt with his army and conquer this country as well as Ethiopia. He will then endeavor to make himself loved by the subjugated nations by a friendly behavior, and by exacting a very small tribute from them. He will declare everywhere that he is destined to be the savior of all the oppressed. He will not in the least let it be known that he strives for a world kingdom. Thereupon, he will march into the promised land and occupy Jerusalem. Now, at last, the kings of the world will become frightened; they will recognize that they are dealing with the Antichrist, especially since the Jews of the whole world will make known the great talents and deeds of the Antichrist, so that his praise shall resound throughout the world. Then the kings will send armies to the Holy Land, but the Antichrist will slay them all."

And he will plunder its wealth: Daniel 11:40-45.


Steve said...

"...take up residence in Babylon..."

I thought Babylon was Iraq???

Blake said...

From EWTN..

Why the cryptic name Babylon? First, the historical Babylon was the pagan power which persecuted the People of God, the Jews, between 610 and 538 BC, destroying the Temple and dispersing the people. The Romans inherited that mantle of infamy when they destroyed the Temple in 70 AD, and, more importantly, persecuted the new People of God, the Church. Thus, St. Peter, writing from Rome refers to as "Babylon" (1 Pt. 5:13) - a name any Jew or Christian familiar with the Old Testament would know.

How does this relate to the Antichrist? The future Antichrist will be a world-wide power, essentially pagan, which will persecute the Catholic Church (and orthodox Christians in general) everywhere, as the Babylonians persecuted the Jews and 1st century Rome the Church. These are biblical types! The Babylon of John's day, Rome, stands for the kingdom of the future Antichrist and is no more likely to be situated in Italy than Rome needed to be situated in Babylonia (modern Iraq). John was informing his readers of these prophetic types by drawing their attention to the contemporary fulfillment they found in pagan Rome.

Anonymous said...

Watch what happens in Egypt now - We are entering those times and Egypt is where Babylon rises and Falls and rises again...............Egypt is the Gateway and throne for the kingdom of a world, where the Israeli's sit on the threshold and will depend on for their security. We are there..........PRAY NOW.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. Do you know where this part can be found in Mary of Agreda's writings?

+Pray the Rosary and may Jesus and Mary aid us alwways.

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