Sunday, August 15, 2010

"I love you means you shall not die."

"I love you means you shall not die." - Gabriel Marcel.

"How life changes its meaning when we see the love of the flesh as the reflection of the Eternal Light shot through the prism of time! They who would separate the earthly sound from the heavenly harp can have no music; they who believe that love is only the body's breath soon find love breathes its last and they have made a covenant with death. But they who see in all earthly beauty the faint copy of Divine loveliness, they who see in fidelity to every vow, even when the other is untrue, a proof that God loves us who are so unlovable, they who, in the face of their trials, see that God's love ended on a cross, they who allow the river of their rapture to broaden out the blended channels of prayer and worship - these will, even on earth, learn that love was made flesh and dwelled amongst us. Thus Love becomes an ascension toward that blessed day when the limitless depths of our souls will be filled with the boundless giving, in one eternal now, where love is life's eternity and God is Love." - Fulton John Sheen.

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