Friday, August 20, 2010

The Archdiocese of Boston has a skewed set of priorities

Deal Hudson notes here how the Archdiocese of Boston has blocked access to the Boston Catholic Insider Blog. He writes, "The controversy leading to this action by the Boston Archdiocese was precipitated by the troubling issues surrounding the proposed sale of Caritas Christi Healthcare, owned by the Archdiocese, to Cerebus Capital. Having watched this story develop for quite a while, and having kept abreast of the ongoing narrative, I agree with those blogging at that the sale is rife with conflict of interest issues. This attempt of the Boston Archdiocese to act in loco parentis towards its employees not only looks silly but also demonstrates an ignorance of how the internet works. Whoever made the decision to block the 'offending' web site will have a hard time blocking all the Catholic web sites containing links to information about the sale of Caritas Christi.."

We can tell much about an individual or a group of individuals [including a Catholic diocese] by examining their priorities. Bearing this in mind, let us consider the fact that the Archdiocese of Boston becomes agitated when the laity engage in constructive criticism, and will take great pains to silence such criticism [to the point of blocking access to a Blog which engages in such fraternal correction], but takes no action whatsoever to block access to a Blog written by one of its own dissenting priests.

Father Emile "Mike" Boutin argued at his Blog that priests should not be celibate and ridiculed Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, a Prince of the Church, for his views. And access to his Blog was not blocked. The confused priest admitted knowing of child abuse committed by his "mentor" and of remaining silent and not revealing his name. And access to his Blog was not blocked. He argued against priests wearing the Roman collar, and access to his Blog was not blocked.

One might think that officials of the Boston Archdiocese would be more concerned with Father Boutin's troubling views than with constructive criticism offered by the Boston Catholic Insider Blog. But one would be wrong.

And this reveals much about the Boston Archdiocese and where its heading.

Why aren't officials of the Boston Archdiocese concerned over this?


Michelle said...

More of that sentimental paternalism Paul...the Archdiocese saying, "We know what's best for you."

Michael Cole said...

There is something very dark going on in Boston. The sale of Caritas Christi is merely the tip of the iceberg. That Father Hehir has not been fired is deeply disturbing. That Fr. Boutin could author a "Men in Black" Blog challenging the Church's teaching and pastoral practice while publically holding Cardinal Bertone up to ridicule is nothing short of incredible. The Boston Archdiocese needs to be investigated by Rome.

Ashley Pelletier said...

I would recommend withholding donations and sending them instead to Pope Benedict XVI or to a Catholic Religious Community you can trust. I send my tithes to the Saint Joseph's Indian School and to the Xaverian Missionaries. Why finance dissent?

Mary N said...

I would also recommend withholding donations from the Boston Archdiocese and sending them elsewhere to more deserving organizations and causes.

By the way, Fr. Boutin was supposed to have had a pre-trial hearing in Stoughton District Court this past week. Anyone know what happened?

Lynne said...

Wow! I'm disgusted by Fr. Boutin's blog... I'm wondering, why is he still a priest?

Samantha said...

I know that he pleaded not guilty Mary. We'll have to wait to see what happens on that front. In the meantime, how curious that Cardinal O'Malley hasn't addressed the inappropriate Blog posts from Fr. Boutin. I'm particularly concerned about mandated reporting of child abuse. I am getting the impression that this isn't taken seriously in Boston.

Anonymous said...

As a complete outsider who has just spent the last half hour being edified (?) about what's going on in Boston, I just want to make one quick comment:
I have heard it said that the sexual abuse scandal (that is, the public knowledge of it) began in Boston for a reason probably the same as the reason you bloggers are uncovering this conflict-of-interest business: the Blessed Virgin comes to earth in Boston daily as often as Medjugorje visionary Ivan Dragicevic is in town, which is approximately half the time. She's the one shining the light on the darkness, you all are just doing her work. THANKS!

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