Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Terry Sanderson's Anti-Catholic Bigotry On Display

Mr. Terry Sanderson, a homosexual activist and columnist for the "Gay Times" who also serves as president of the National Secular Society, is upset over the Papal visit to the UK in September. Mr. Sanderson, who insists that his "Protest the Pope" movement is not anti-Catholic but merely anti-Pope , is most upset over the cost to the taxpayer. He writes, "The entourage accompanying the Pope on his September visit to the UK will be accommodated in a luxury hotel in central London - with eleven of them being funded by the taxpayer...The Pope himself will be staying at the papal nuncio's house in Wimbledon - surely a few more of his flunkies could have been accommodated there at no cost?" (See here). What Mr. Sanderson neglects to tell his readers (being the ardent propagandist that he is), is that the Catholic Churches of England, Scotland and Wales will be contributing to the non-policing costs of the visit. See here.

Yes, Mr. Sanderson is so concerned about the British taxpayer that he didn't complain once when President Obama visited the UK in March of 2009, accompanied by an entourage of 500 - including 200 secret service staff and a medical team. President Obama used a plane, a helicopter, and a limousine and was followed by a fleet of ambulances and decoy vehicles. Manholes in city roads were bolted down, bins were removed and British security snipers were placed in tall buildings. Additionally, Michelle Obama had a staff of eight including a secretary, a press officer and bodyguards. See here. How much of the taxpayers money paid for this visit?

No, that visit didn't concern Mr. Sanderson. Only the upcoming papal visit troubles him. Make no mistake about it, Terry Sanderson is an anti-Catholic bigot. Which is why he refers to those accompanying the Holy Father as "flunkies." His hatred is now on display for the entire world to see. Now it will be obvious to all thinking people what the National Secular Society stands for. Mr. Sanderson is merely its ugly face.


Andrea said...

You do understand that by giving homosexuals so much of your attention you are bringing them exactly what they need to succeed. I wish you would get off this subject.

Cleghornboy said...

I'm responding from a laptop somewhere along Rt. 13 between Brookline and Mason NH so I'll be brief Andrea. This post isn't about homosexuals per se. It is about an angry man who happens to be homosexual and who has an anti-Catholic agenda. How does this post bring homosexuals what they need? By highlighting Mr. Sanderson's dishonesty? His anti-Catholic bias?

I'm sorry Andrea, but your comment makes no sense.

JefffromDorchester said...

Andrea just can't handle the truth. The truth that the "gay" lifestyle is anything but happy. Mr. Sanderson is not happy. He is a bitter frustrated man with a pathological hatred for religion in general amd Roman Catholicism in particular.

Keep up the great work here Mr. Melanson.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Can you please do a refutation of Dawkin's documentary tonight, on more 4.

Gerald F. said...

Andrea is probably a homosexual person angered over the fact that you have shown the true colors of the homosexual hate movement. Look at the people behind the attacks on Pope Benedict XVI in England: Peter Tatchell is a homosexual, Terry Sanderson is a homosexual, Johann Hari is a homosexual. It seems like it is mostly homosexuals who are behind the attacks on the Pope and the crusade to oppose his visit.

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