Monday, August 02, 2010

An Iron Curtain of Apostasy is Descending Upon England...

Dr. Tali Argov, an Israel-born Oxford University lecturer, is alleging that she was overlooked for promotion, stripped of her privileges and ill-treated at social gatherings after converting to Christianity.

In England, Christianity is in crisis. Michael Brown notes that, "In August of 2003 a survey indicated that just eighteen percent of the British public said [they] were practicing members of any organized religion while twenty-five percent said they were members of a world religion (as in new world order, which gets so much of its lift from this country of arcane bankers). In 2006, only thirty-five percent of Brits said they believed in God (less than half the number in the U.S., where belief in some sort of higher power is above ninety percent) and just twenty-two percent of teenagers in one British city survey held belief in a Divinity. Since then the situation has only deteriorated - with the leader of the Anglican Church there warning that Christianity is on the verge of extinction.." (See here for full article).
Pope Benedict XVI has warned of a growing aversion toward Christianity.

This aversion is now producing its venomous fruit. In The Brothers Karamazov, Dostoevsky has his character Ivan Karamazov warn that, "As soon as men have, all of them, denied God, man will be lifted up with a spirit of divine Titanic pride and the man-God will appear." How close are we to such a scenario? Archbishop Fulton John Sheen said that, "It does not take a gift of prophecy to see that humanity is presently polarizing and that all men are beginning to fall into the ranks of accepting either the man-god or the God-Man...Dostoyevsky...knew that atheism had to be associated with the destruction of the old society. There was some suggestion that an overplanned or socialistic society had to be the prelude of an atheistic society...

For the man-god to grow in age and wisdom, two conditions must be fulfilled. The heavens must be emptied, and man must be secularized. Both will be achieved by turning freedom into license. Men will be asked to give up God because His Commandments 'enslave' and because our will often runs counter to His. When finally everyone has his own will and does whatever he pleases, then there will be a chaos due to the conflict of egotisms. It will then be necessary for Big Brother, or the state, to organize this chaos into a closed socialist society and the formulas given by the character, Shigalev, the theorist of the Communism to come: 'Having set out from unlimited freedom, I have ended up with unlimited despotism.'"
Enter the Antichrist.
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In Ireland, the State is taking over the Catholic schools:

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