Monday, August 16, 2010

The moral crisis in Boston...

The Archdiocese of Boston is in crisis. Here is yet another symptom of that crisis.

It was Pope John Paul II who said, during his Sixth Ad Limina Address to the Bishops of the United States, that: "In the Pastoral Constitution Gaudium et Spes, the Bishops of the Second Vatican Council stated that 'the well-being of the individual person and of human and Christian society is intimately linked with the healthy condition of the community set up by marriage and the family' (No. 47). We are all aware of certain contemporary trends that seem to threaten the stability, if not the very existence, of the family: a shift of emphasis toward the comfort of the individual over the well-being of the family as society's basic social unit, increasing divorce rates, attitudes of sexual permissiveness and the suggestion that other types of relationships can replace marriage and the family. In the face of these attitudes we have the important mission of proclaiming Christ's Good News about Christian married love, the identity and worth of the family, and the importance of its mission in the Church and in the world..."

Is this important mission taken seriously within the Boston Archdiocese? Many would argue that it is not. See here for related article.


BostonCatholic2011 said...

Every time I turn around there is another crisis in Boston. The Archdiocese is in the middle of a moral earthquake. Cardinal O'Malley....please do something now!!!

John Ansley said...

The result of a lack of catechesis. Young people need shepherds to lead the way. But the shepherds have abandoned ship in Boston. And she is beginning to go down. Jesus’ assurance that the gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church does NOT mean that the faith will not die out in certain areas. Our Lady of Fatima warned of apostasy and Sister Lucia dos Santos warned of diabolical disorientation. Today we are witnessing both in Boston and throughout other areas of the Church.

Betty said...

A May 2008 Zenit article reported that, "On the subject of the pastoral care of marriage and the family, the Holy Father encouraged the prelates [Bishops of Cuba] 'to redouble their efforts so as to ensure that everyone, and especially the young, gains a better understanding of -- and feels ever more attracted by -- the beauty of the true values of marriage and the family. At the same time, it is necessary to encourage and offer the appropriate means so that families can exercise their responsibilities and their fundamental right to a religious and moral education for their children.'"

Cardinal Sean and his "pastoral team" need to take this message to heart. But I'm sure they won't. I am not encouraged by anything that is going on in Boston. Catholics should forward their tithes to another Diocese or directly to the Holy Father in Rome.

Our Church leaders don't care for us. Why then should we support their efforts? No Catholic teaching, no tithes.

Ferde Rombola said...

Betty, you have hit the nail on the head. They care nothing for faithful Catholics, but they care a lot for our money. It's the only thing they understand. Cut them off and we will get results.

TTC said...

Hi Paul,

Remember the commenter BAM or something like that who was posting from Rhode Island and one other place up here in Massachusetts?

I remember once posting the IP addresses and need to hunt those down.

By any chance, if you have those IP addresses, would you please contact me?


Nice work covering the Boston situation.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

I'll check Carol. The commenter harassing me has largely gone by the name Barn2066. I know I wrote the IP Address down in a notebook. I will look for it and get back to you via your Blog.

Keep up the great work at TTBO in 2010.

Peace of Christ!

David James said...

It could probably be argued that, as lay people, we need to take action, and begin the process of tranforming the American landscape with our novenas to Pope Leo the Great. In a more concrete way, Hollywood needs to be countered with good Catholic/christian film productions that reculteralizes the population into a new paradigm that is Christian-based. Images are indeed powerful conduits that have been used, until now, in a nefarious way, causing, as it were, the population to deviate from a path of virtue. I am insensed that a Baptist Church can mobilize its parishioners and produce a fabulous movie like Facing the Giants. Why can't Catholics do the same thing? We have the fullness of the truth, hence our movies can be so much more powerful and transformative. This is a call to action...

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

I couldn't agree more SB. The laity cannot wait for Bishops and priests to lead the way any longer. While we still have many good shepherds, many bishops and priests simply do not care about souls. Instead they are promoting agendas which are inconsistent with the Magisterial teaching of the Church.

I believe area Catholics should start their own Catholic newspaper. This would fill a real need. For example, The Catholic Free Press (Diocese of Worcester) is not a reliable publication and has often served as nothing more than a vehicle for dissent. Just recently the newspaper engaged in homosexual agitprop.

The laity will have to rise up to defend the Church. Now is the time for bold action. My good friend Deacon Nick Donnelly from the UK is a real blessing for the Church. He didn't wait for someone to invite him to action. He courageously formed Protect the Pope to defend our beloved Holy Father.

Let's all follow his example and pick up the sword and breastplate.

Amanda said...

How can we honestly expect our Church leaders to have any compassion for us. They are living the good life, eating and drinking at fancy restaurants, enjoying the best wines and living in often lavish rectories while lay people are struggling just to make ends meet. My parish priest has vacationed in the Virgin Islands for two weeks. I cannot afford that. My friends cannot afford that. I couldn't afford any vacation. I have friends who have to choose between breakfast or gas to get to work.

How can a priest who stole 1.3 million to enjoy expensive hotels, the best of clothing and male escorts identify with the ever-increasing needs of the people in the pews?

Many of our priests are too busy living the high life to care about saving souls. They have deserted the laity for the pleasures of this world.

Gabriela Peters said...

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