Monday, April 12, 2010

Father James Scahill accuses the Holy Father of being untruthful...

More hypocrisy from the liberal corner of the Catholic Church.

Fr. James Scahill, pastor of Saint Michael's Parish in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, used his pulpit yesterday to call upon Pope Benedict XVI to step down. Father Scahill accused the Holy Father of not being truthful but failed to back up his wild accusations with anything of substance. In other words, Father Scahill is merely regurgitating what he's heard from the liberal media or other anti-Catholic sources.

Interestingly, Father Scahill has received the "priest of integrity" award from the radical dissent group "Voice of the Faithful" - VOTF, an organization which has been referred to by many Bishops as "anti-Catholic." See here. One is known by the company one keeps. But enough of Father Scahill's fantasy. His groundless accusations are a matter for the Catholic League to address.

But I am reminded of a pro-life prophet I defended some two years ago at this Blog. Remember Deacon Tom McDonnell from the Diocese of Buffalo, New York who was criticized by his own Bishop, Edward Kmiec, and many throughout the Catholic media (mostly those in liberal circles) - but sadly also Deal Hudson - for having the courage to correct the errors of U.S. Representative Brian Higgins (for his pro-abortion positions) from the pulpit? Bishop Kmiec issued a statement saying that, "The pulpit is not the appropriate place for confronting a member of the congregation..." I refuted this silly notion here.

Why are the Catholic media not saying the same thing now? If the pulpit is "not the appropriate place" for confronting a Culture of Death politician, should it be used to attack the Vicar of Christ with false accusations?


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abe said...

What a divider in that parish.Reminds me of Pope Jean-Paul when he scolded the missionaries in central america for suporting the communists.We need spiritual priests not left wing politicians .

Derek said...

I couldn't agree more Abe. I think Fr. Scahill should receive a reprimand and removed from pastoral duties at St. Michael's. His reckless comments from the pulpit are a rank obscenity.

Ellen Wironken said...

A prominent homosexual activist blog is praising Fr. Scahill as well:

SNAP - another organization which is very hateful toward the Church - anti-Catholic through and through, has also praised the priest.

SNAP, VOTF and Truth Wins Out (a homosexual blog). If that doesn't say it all.

Alzina said...

Read about the decision of a Brazilian Court in the case of a priest who was calumniated. The priest was falsely accused of being a pedophile:

When someone like Fr. Scahill publically slanders another, it is a very serious matter. The priest needs to apologize for his falsehoods.

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