Thursday, April 08, 2010

A time of darkness, purification and renewal were prophesied by the future Pope Benedict XVI....

Such was the prophecy popularly known as "A Message for the Faithful of the Universal Church" which was given in September of 1974 and recounted by the Rev. Albert J. Hebert, S.M., in his book "Prophecies: The Chastisement and Purification." The prophecy declared:

"O Jerusalem...

My Beloved Bride -

My Holy City of Love -

What are these wounds -

Wherewith I have been wounded -

In the House of those who love Me?

I will strike My Shepherds -

And My sheep shall be dispersed -

It is I -

Fear not!

Come away, My Love, My Dove, My Beautiful One -

For now it is toward winter -

And the summer has long since passed away.

I am the good Shepherd -

I know My Sheep

I know My Lambs

And Mine know Me.

I weep for you, O Jerusalem, My Daughter -

Holy and Sanctified -

In former generations -

By My Spirit of Truth -

Whom in these days you have dared to reject -

I have loved you -

Unto the Cross -

Unto Death upon the Cross -

Behold the Wood of My Cross -

Upon which your Savior hung obedient -

To the Holy Will of His Father.

To those who have loved Me -

To those who have kept My Law -

To those who, seeing their sins,

As abominations in My Sight -

Turn back to Me

In Sincerity and Love -

To those only who obey

With profound heart and mind -

My Vicar on Earth -

Shall I give the Mark of Love.

I sign them with the Sign of Love -

Upon their foreheads

They bear the image of My Living Heart -

My Mercy is always with them -

The Angel of Fire shall not harm them -

The Angel of Death shall not lift his sword

Against them -

The Angel of Famine shall not destroy

Their fields of grain -

The Angel of Destruction

Shall pass over them -

As in the days of Moses,

So shall it be -

As in the days of Noah,

So it is now -

My Sacred Heart shall be their Refuge

In the days of Terror and Retribution -

Come to Me, My People -

Adore Me -

Love Me -

Atone for your sins -

Make reparation for the blasphemies,

The Sacrileges, the conscious neglect

Of My enduring Love -

Recognize Me

In the Holy Sacrament of My Sacred Presence -

And adore -

I am the Lord your God -

I am the King of Divine Mercy -

I am Who am.

The Year of Jubilee -

Is the last year of My Grace -

Walk in My Light -

While you have My Light -

Be reconciled and repent -

Let those who have disobeyed My Vicar

come to Rome -

Let them come to the tomb of Peter -

And be reconciled -

Let them repent of their disobedience -

And I will be close to them again.

O My Father, that they may be One again,

Even as I in You and they in Me...

Peace be with you. Amen."

My father and I used to talk much about the coming purification, the coming chastisement which will lead the entire world back to reconciliation. He believed, as do I, in the prophecy of the Cure of Ars: "One day Our Lady of La Salette will lead the world." My father went to be with the Lord Jesus in the Jubilee Year (2000) on the anniversary of Our Lady of La Salette. And so I continue to get the word out - to anyone who will listen - return to the Lord Jesus and His enduring Love!


Amanda said...

Jesus will protect His Church.

ACatholicinClinton said...

A beautiful and powerful prophecy Mr. Melanson. Thank you for sharing it at this Blog. The coming times will bring a trial the likes of which the Church and society have never experienced. But the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will be our refuge.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

To my Protestant friends: do not concern yourself over the prophecy of the Cure of Ars that one day Our Lady of La Salette will lead the world. Our Lady always leads souls to her Son Jesus. She says, "Do as He tells you" just as she did at Cana.

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