Sunday, April 25, 2010

The persecution is intensifying....

All around the world we are witnessing a supreme effort to sanitize the public square of religious belief and to present Christianity as "backward" and even "oppressive." At Eastern Michigan University, a graduate student is expelled for refusing to argue in support of the homosexual lifestyle. In England, officials mock the Holy Father and ridicule Church teaching.

Fr. Vincent Miceli, S.J., saw this coming so many years ago. He said, " the West the conflict between the children of the New Humanism and the faithful is escalating in ferociousness. The spirit ruling in the great cities is avaricious, luxurious, self-dependent, irreligious, arrogant, ungodly, falsely liberal and sacrilegious. The offspring of the New Humanism are agnostics, atheists, apostates, lovers of this world with tastes, opinions, habits immersed in materialism, with hearts riveted to the vagaries of this time, minds moulded by vanities of passing pleasure, with thoughts rising no higher than personal comforts and gains, with a haughty contempt for the Church, her ministers, her sacraments, her devotions, her lowly faithful, with a lust for rank and station, an ambition for the splendor and fashions of the world, an affectation for refinement, a dependence upon their own powers of reason, an habitual self-esteem and finally with an utter insensibility to the heinous sins they are committing against God and man."

Enter the Man of Sin.

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