Thursday, April 15, 2010

German theologian Hans Kung is urging Bishops to disobey the Pope and to push for "reforms" in the Roman Catholic Church

"Take away self-will, and there will no longer be any hell." - St. Bernard.

What exactly does Mr. Kung have in mind when he exhorts Bishops to sin by disobedience and to push for "reforms" in the Roman Catholic Church? Mr. Kung would like to see, in fact he has called for, a more "democratic church." See here.

But a "democratic church" would constitute a disaster. How so? Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand, in his essay entitled "Democratization of the Church," explains: " we encounter the ridiculous demand that in our democratic time the Church be made democratic in her external structure,in her Canon Law, and in her administration. One overlooks the radical difference between the holy Church and natural communities such as the state; one is hindered by secularization and this-worldliness from seeing that what is possible, and perhaps even justified and desirable in the structure and administration of the state, is impossible in the Church and would contradict her meaning and nature and thus be a catastrophic evil. The holy Church is 'authoritarian' because of her supernatural divine origin, although this term takes on here a completely new meaning, quite different from its meaning when applied to the state. The authority of the Church is sacred. All genuine authority, whether of parents or of the state, is a partial representation of God. But in the case of the Church the representation of God is not just grounded in the kind of community which the Church is; it was explicitly established by Christ, the Son of God. His words, 'You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church,' as well as the words which follow and are addressed to the Apostles, 'Whatever you will bindon earth, will be bound in heaven...,' show clearly the direct, explicit authority which God has committed to the Church, and which gives her a sacred character which no natural authority has..."

Various individuals and groups are attempting to use the recent abuse scandals within the Church as a pretext to agitate for "structural change" and "democratic reforms." These modern-day Judases have a death-wish for that sacred character which results from the explicit authority which Christ Jesus Himself committed to the Church. These are antichrists preparing the way for the Man of Sin and his kingdom of rebellion. A kingdom of self-will and self-worship.

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention that "these modern-day Judases" - the liberal segment who claim to be of the Catholic Church - is the reason for the sexual abuse scandal in the 1st place. It would not surprise me if this wasn't all a sinister plan from the outset in order to "attempt" to destroy the Church from within. They just had to bide their time until the media was ready to acquiesce to all that they say.

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