Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The spiritual war intensifies....

Pope Benedict XVI has decided to employ squads of exorcists to wage war against the Evil One. The spiritual war is intensifying. Can you feel it? St. Louis de Montfort writes, "Look, Lord God of hosts, the captains of war are forming companies, each with its full complement of soldiers; and potentates have recruited vast armies. The ship owners have whole fleets at their disposal, and the merchants are thronging to the markets and fairs. What a motley assembly of ungodly men! Thieves, drunkards, and profligates gather together every day under the flimsiest pretexts in order to oppose you! Blow a whistle, beat a drum, show the blunt point of a sword, promise a withered laurel branch as a reward, offer a piece of gold or silver; in short, a whiff of fame, a worthless reward, a vile beastly pleasure and, in the twinkling of an eye, along come the thieves, soldiers rally by batallions and merchants flock together. Gambling dens and market places are crammed full and the whole of land and sea is covered with an innumerable multitude of reprobates. These people, although at variance among themselves for reasons of distance, temperament or personal interest, are nevertheless all unanimously resolved to wage war to the death against you, under the banner and leadership of the devil. How is it, then, great God, that although it is so glorious, so satisfying and so profitable to serve you, hardly anyone will support your cause? Scarcely one soldier lines up under your standard. Scarcely anyone filled with zeal for your glory will stand up and cry out, like St. Michael in the midst of his fellow-angels: Quis ut Deus? Who is like to God? Let me then raise the cry of alarm: 'The House of God is on fire! Souls are perishing in the flames! The sanctuary itself is ablaze! Help! Help! Good people! Help our brother who is being murdered. Help our children who are being massacred. Help our kind father who is being done to death! Qui Domini est jungatur mihi: if anyone has the Lord's cause at heart, let him stand side by side with me. Let all those worthy priests who are to be found throughout the world, those still in the fight and those who have withdrawn to deserts and secluded places, let them, say, come and join us. In unity there is strength. With the cross as our standard, let us form a strongly disciplined army drawn up in lines of battle. Let us make a concerted attack on the enemies of God who have already sounded the call to arms: sonuerunt, frenduerunt, fremuerunt, multiplicati sunt. Dirumpamus vincula eorum et projiciamus a nobis jugum ipsorum. Qui habitat in caelis irridebit eos. They have sounded the alarm, vented their anger and become a mighty army. Let us break their bonds asunder and throw away their yoke. He who dwells in heaven will laugh them to scorn..." (Prayer for Missionaries, 27-29).

Now is the time to rally under the standard of the cross with the Holy Rosary as our sling. Now is the time to pray and witness as never before. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! Good St. Michael, Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, lead us into battle.


Ted Loiseau said...

If only we had more priests who weren't so secularized. I think many have lost their faith. Many priests approach the priesthood more like a job than a vocation which includes spiritual warfare. When prayer goes, everything else falls like dominos.

asia said...

You're exactly right Paul! In this time of spiritual battle let us carry our weapons, our weapon of love and prayers, our weapon of trust and humility, our weapon of peace and justice together with Mary, The Immaculate Virgin.

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